MVC3 System Mechanics Thread

So so far from what I know, to tag one must press back and assist (like tvc)

Apparently the rolling system is that of tvc’s, someone please explain to us mvc2 players what that means.

Otg’s work like in tvc, please explain what that means.

There are universal airdashes (like in tvc) but it can’t truly be universal as hulk doesn’t have it. Though, they did claim that hulk isn’t finished. Possibly he will get an airdash and super armor when they complete him.

This is just very basic knowledge. The first 3 posts will be updated/edited as more and more specific knowledge is gathered.

Pushblock doesn’t stop chip (like mvc2)

Place Holder post

Place Holder post number 2.

You can link my thread to yours of my X-Factor write up.

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God I hope capcom gets told how bad the assist/tag mechanics are and changes that shit.

Why in the hell did they opt for an evolved TvC layout when this entire debacle could’ve been avoided by sticking with the old MvC2 layout(4-attack, 2 assist)? Press BACK + ASSIST to tag out is quite possibly the worst thing I’ve heard about MvC3 to date. I can dig the graphics, look and speed… but gamebreaking shit like that is just ridiculous.

Also I really hope there isn’t universal airdashes. The last thing I want is for the majority of characters to play the same. MvC2 had so much diversity EVEN in the high tiers. Magneto plays absolutely nothing like Sent and Cable plays nothing like either of them…

tl;dr: Please change the controls, capcom.

we already had a mechanics thread. it broke down into flaming. since the game’s been shown i’m unlocking the old thread and locking this one.