MVC3 TE Fight Stick.

I’m considering buying the MVC3 TE Fight Stick for MVC3. The thing that bothers me is the price. Last time I checked it was 160 (which I can afford). Also, I was wondering if it really does make you a better player. I feel like it’s a little easier to pull combos with a fight stick, but will not know for sure until I use one. Any advice? :sunglasses:

Honestly, if you buy a stick and don’t like it, you can still sell it for quite a bit and make your money back.

I would go for it. Give yourself a few weeks to test out the stick to see what you think.

Yea man I feel like fighting games will be alot better if I had one. Been playing them since I was a kid but only used an arcade stick like 1 or 2 times in my life. I see alot of MVC3 pros use them and they’re just sick.

buy one during the next Madcatz sale or look in the TO.

Yea the 360 version is sold out on MadCatz and what is TO?

Trading Outlet.

Thanks and one more question, do you know when the next MadCatz sale will be?

should be during EVO.

Read the stickies above. I’m sure that there was one that covered something about sticks, pads, and regular controllers.

fight stick is essential. who cares about the price. its an investment. i take owning ppl on fighting games very seriously.

Lol yea man me too. Guess I have to wait til MC sells the 360 versions again…

Most people here grew up in the arcades like you and can’t stand using anything but sticks. Having said that there are a lot of people who can’t stand using sticks too, and there are a lot of people who have won stuff competitively with pads, Wolfkrone and Vangief being the most prominent ones. If you think the TE is too expensive there are alternatives from Hori and Qanba that are available at a sightly lower price, with the exact same quality parts. Search this forum for more ideas.

there is always an alternative of building a TE quality or higher stick on your own with cheaper prices.