MvC3 TE for PS3, Backwards Comp. PCB?


So, do we have any idea if the new Mad Catz MvC3 TE stick for PS3 will support backwards compatible PS3s and games?

I would love for this to happen so that I don’t have to rely on my so-so modded SFIV TE stick.

Thanks to anyone who can throw me a bone!


I would not hold out for this. Get a Hori stick or add a MC Cthulhu for PS2 support.


Unlikely. MvC3 TE is just an art-swapped Round 2 TE.


It most likely will work with games downloaded off the PSN store but disc games, probably not.


iirc it uses the same PCB as the round 1 and 2s. It doesn’t lock the start button like the TE-S


Mod with a PS360 pcb. Really easy to do. I got one and play SSF4 on both the ps3 and 360 and will be doing the same for mvc3…granting i get it for both systems.


Thanks for your input, everyone!

I kind of figured that the PCB would stay the same, but I was holding out hope that Mad Catz and Sony would get things sorted out.

Oh well, thanks again!