MvC3 team advice?


Where can i have advice on how to make my team in MvC 3. I’m with Wesker and Trish but don’t have sufficient knowledge to choose my third.

Also, I always lost half of my life with spamming tatsu player. long range and fast recovery. I don’t know what to do.


how about Magneto? His electromagnetic disruptor is fast. You could also use Hyper GravitationxxMagnetic Tempest.


I didn’t want to make another thread asking for MvC3 advice so I’ll post this here.

I also need some advice on a team. I’m ok at playing Taskmaster and Dante and I’m trying to think of a third character. I tried Wolverine but I’m really bad at him. I tend to lose him really fast then with Dante and Taskmaster I finish my opponent. What character would you guys recommend? Also what assists are best? At the moment I’m using Jam Session and Taskmasters horizontal arrow shot.


Well Floe uses Trish/Wesker/Phoenix. It’s a good team and you’d have video footage of how to play it.

Both of those characters can make use of the DHC glitch, you might want someone like X-23, Deadpool, Storm, or Spencer on point to make use of it. I’d put Dante last because X-Factor Dante is mad good.


I don’t know what the DHC glitch is. I’m still a newbie to fighting games in general. I’m tempted to try Spencer on point as he looks like a proper beast or Deadpool because I love the character. Thanks.


I’d suggest Wesker as a third, but to have him point when you fight. After you land a combo, Dante’s Jam Session is a great OTG attack that allows you to land a Maximum Wesker.


@saigoto Thanks for the suggestion. Could you give me a few tips for wesker I’m not very good at him.


Pushblock the last hit of the tatsu.

Read the Wesker forum for bread and butter combos and advice.


What it means is that if you had say Spencer on point, any hit you land could become a 100% combo.


Speaking of Pro player teams, I wonder if anyone knows a “youtube caliber” player using Sent and Tron? Cant get a third solid on this team and just need to see if this is even a good idea.