MvC3 Team Balancing


Oh, hi SRK community, I’ve been wandering which characters I should pick for my team in MvC3. I know, I know “pick who you like”… but I did. Amazing isn’t it, the only problem is that they are in total 5 characters and I like them all a lot, which makes it harder for me to choose my team. My characters are:

  1. Dormammu
  2. Super Skrull
  3. Amaterasu
  4. Wesker
  5. Deadpool

I wanna learn to use Dormammu for sure, he’s the one I’ve kept my eye on ever since he appeared in the gameplay videos posted by Marvel and other participants on youtube. I’m not sure if i should pick to balance the team as the SRK wiki MvC3 guide suggests, which I wouldn’t know because I am not sure how skrull, amaterasu, or deadpool are classified because the have a nice variety.

What would you all suggest?

EDIT: Noticed the typo on my title, ignore it… :S, IDK if it is even possible to edit the title.


It’s possible to edit your title; Edit post > Go Advanced.

your indecisivness can only have one solution: MAKE 2 TEAMS! yippee!


O.O my god… sounds epic… but I want to focus on one only for now… and thanks for telling me how to edit the title.
What kind of character is Spencer? I’m considering making the two team for now, one that i will concentrate and one for fun…


Whoa back up first you have to see if you can actually use those characters and they suite your style. I remember when I was having trouble picking a team I wanted Viewtiful Joe?Amaterasu/X-23 before the game even came out but I couldn’t make them work so I ended up putting X-23 on point putting Amaterasu(Cold stone) to assist along with Dante(Crystal) since it gave her better coverage to move around because my objective is to get X-23 in and mix up un til she dies. 2 out of 3 isnt bad. So mix and match to see who go well together then make another team around the remaining that’s what ill end up doing. Explore the cast you mind find different people to make your team better I thought I only liked X-23/Amaterasu/Viewtiful Joe but after I went through the whole cast I started to like Ryu/Dante/Trish/Chris and it fixed my team and are perfect for me as of now.
Spencer has long range grab moves.


I did go through the whole cast o.O. I narrowed them down from what I like and use to the current list. I’m using my current team (Captain America, Amaterasu, Deadpool) because I haven’t been able to get the hang of dormammu… the best I can do with him is use him against rushdowns and try to keep 'em off of me, but I mostly fail at it. Usually )my style is rushdown (Bang Shishigami in BBCS and Fox in Brawl), Damage Dealers (Pikachu in Brawl), or Hard Hitters (DK in brawl). It’s brawl, I know (in case anyone will bash it :frowning: ). Usually I tend to be one of those guys who uses rushdowns and somehow manages to play defensively always… I’m afraid to go inside of the other players area, especially in MvC3 since one can die easily. I’ll give the cast another whirl (based on what Dumb Luck07 said), but for now if there are any more suggestions keep commenting.

EDIT: Character types


pick the three that you are most effective with(if you don’t want to make two teams),eh?!


Wesker/Dormammu with Purification assit/Amaterasu with ice shower assist

theoretically the purification will mask your teleports and the ice shower helps you with pressure in their face

They support wesker and can run away if he goes down


All right i tried out the whole cast and I feel that is most effective is Wolverine/Dorm/Wesker and Dante/Dorm/Wesker and I have fun playing em and all… I guess they’ll be my teams, between wolverine and dante, what would you all suggest?


they both just mash on buttons and win so it doesnt matter