MVC3 team building help

Ok So I suck at making teams. I always try to play my favorites because to me thats the best part of a crossover game. but apparently that dosent make for good teams…

I currently am trying Dante,Trish,Morrigan and Im not sure if my loses are due to my team having no synergy or because I just suck…

Any way to make that team for synergic? OR is there anybody who could replace trish who would do the team better Justice? I really would like to USe Dante and Morrigan they are my favorites

It depends on what you’re trying to do with the team. You might want to ask about Dante team building in the MvC3 Dante section, but I don’t see how Trish would be bad. They DHC into each other well and you can use Peekaboo both offensively and as preemptive defense (Disclosure: I don’t use and am terrible with Dante).

It’s easy to fall into a trap where you think you just have to pick a different character and everything will be better.

If you’re serious about potentially switching (and I say, stick with your team and try and make it work) Dante benefits from general assists that help his rush or set up his ability to start one

Amaterasu/Cold Star

etc. In other words, he likes the general strong assists, just like pretty much everyone else.

Another thing to query is Morrigan? Do you use the meter assist or Soul Fist? Is she your last character generally? What is her general role on the team?