MvC3: The Ultimate Thighs: The Chun-Li Thread

Alright, here we go.

Chun-Li seems to play similarly to her TvC counterpart, even somewhat getting back her loop from TvC:CGoH. She is quick, has a quick air dash that propels her toward the ground and can triple jump and incorporate it in combos. Some have proclaimed her as of now the best character in the game. Her along with Trish (the other proclaimed best in the game) and Morrigan, aka Capcom’s Angels, seem to be a VERY deadly team.

Movelist (as of now, inputs are assumed, if you know my inputs are wrong, please inform me so I can fix it).


Lightning Legs (Hyakuretsu Kyaku)
Press :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: Repeatedly (Can also be done in Air)
The attack that made her famous. Chun-Li continuously kicks the air in front of her. In the air it massively slows her descent. It’s a great move as it is now, great for combos and plays into her loop. Players do have to beware however, because if it’s blocked, you’ll be pushblocked insanely far away and you’ll have to try and reenter with her again. EDIT: It also can be done infinitely, and will wreck assists if caught in it. Very deadly.

:hcf: + :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc:
ADD :snkc:
Chun-Li’s Fireball. On it’s own…it’s pretty meh as it can’t do anything. HOWEVER, the followup, which looks like the Alpha Series Kikosho (or MvC2’s…Forward Fierce? I’d have to look), causes crumple status, which helps you continue the party. On that merit, it’s very decent. Not to mention it’s a lot less brutal on the damage scaling.

:dp: + :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: (can also be used in air)
The Up Kicks she gained in the Alpha Series and it seems it carries forward from previous games as her meterless combo ender of choice. Some video seems to also show this is able to combo after Lightning Legs. Without meter, pretty much just use it to end your Triple Jump Air Combos.

Spinning Bird Kick
:d: (2s), :u: + :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: (can also be used in air)
Uh…yeah…her own Hurricane Kick from the SF series…and just like those games…not THAT usable without a game with the EX system. Yeah…just try not using this move…please don’t.

EDIT: While I still don’t think this should be used much, it does have minimal recovery, so it may be decent enough for some uses. EDIT2: After more testing, it seems to be decently solid. Probably won’t be used much, but it’s not a bad move to go to in order to keep pressure and positioning.

Hyper Combos:
Kikosho (Level 1)
:qcf: + :atk::atk:
If you’ve played previous Vs. Games, you’ve seen this move. Chun-Li covers herself in a massive energy field protecting herself while dealing damage. Still a very decent Hyper Combo. Easily Comboable and very helpful against those who might like using raw Hypers to try and chip you out coughDormcough. Probably won’t be your Hyper of choice, but it’s very good in a decent amount of situations.

Houyokusen (Level 1)
:qcb: + :atk::atk:
Ah, the famous Chun-Li SA2 from SF3:3S. She performs two series of Lightning Legs propelling her forward then ends it in a launcher. This will probably be your ground ender of CHOICE with meter. Decent damage, insanely easy to combo, and you can IMMEDIATELY combo after with your normal triple jump air combo. If you have no qualms about using meter, use this liberally. Just MAKE SURE you land the damn thing, as she’s pretty vulnerable if she misses, and she does not have the Stamina where she can afford giving opponents free combos.

EDIT: With the new MvC3 Montage, it seems it even has some invulnerability as it completely beats out Dante’s Million Dollar. Which means in theory, she could punish anything in range on reaction…keep this in mind.

Tensei-Ranka (Level 3)
:dp: + :atk::atk: (410, 000 Dmg)
Her SA3 from the 3S Series. Uh, also seemingly easy to combo as are all her Hypers. Does decent damage it seems. Probably need to see it more to properly analyze it, but as of now…just like in 3S…Houyokusen…yeah…go with that. EDIT: After more testing, this is a great move. Great combo ender if you have no qualms about spending meter, and it does great damage, especially for a pixie like Chun. Plus it looks cool and leaves her somewhat close. EDIT: More info leaking out is making this even BETTER. Level 3’s in this game are UNSCALED. That means if you get this to land, it will always deal 410K…which is insane…try to make the longest, strongest combo possible, then tag this on the end for maximum damage.

Alpha Assist: Kikouken
Decent for continuing a combo outside the expense of damage scaling but overall…seems pretty bad.

Beta Assist: Tenshokyaku
Anti-Air assist…usually always good. No one’s really used this that much…or had it land…so more testing will be necessary, but if it’s anything like in MvC2…it should be solid as the go to defensive assist for Capcom’s Angels.

Gamma Assist: Lightning Legs
Pretty decent. Holds the enemy in place and basically gives you a free launch and air combo. Honestly though, since she’ll probably be used with Trish a lot…Trish’s own trap will be better served for that. EDIT: After CES, this is pretty much confirmed as one of the BEST assists in the game at this juncture. With the news that Assists can’t be pushblocked, this got insanely better. It will lock down opponents like no tomorrow, and if it lands, it will keep them there for you to do whatever the hell you want. HOWEVER, do not think this can be used mindlessly. She only comes out directly in front of you, not at the opponent, and if she misses, she’s on the screen a while. Her stamina + Assist Stamina means she will die…FAST. Hail Storm would annihilate her alone. Use it liberally, but not moronically. Also, this thing RAPES you on Damage Scaling, so if you land this or use it in combos, make the combo short and sweet otherwise you’re going to get nothing off of it.

Chun-Li’s X-Factor is also unique to which it ups her speed MASSIVELY. She’s already decently quick but with XF, she’s the fastest character in the game, which also gives her access to combos she did not have access to before.

Alt Colors:

3-SF4 Color 10 (black and Red)
4-White and Blue (majorly white, white stockings too)

  • Can Jump cancel (non super, regular JC) out of both sweep and regular Heavy Punch on block

YouTube - diekstiekem’s Channel

I’m Still Trash: The Chun-Li Thread

How can you call her fireball that crumples trash? That move is amazing. Crumple, lightning legs, super? Jesus she looks solid.

I like those post super combos

Chun is a beast she was who i mained in TVC and She looks hella gud in MVC3 cnt wait to dominate wit her

Hope her speedy kicks are easier to maitain air combos.


i wished they had kept some of the more interesting aspects of her mvc2 incarnation

Wonder if you can change to Japanese voice. I think her english voice is the same as SF4 Chun.

Get outta here Troll, go to the Hulk Forums or something.

Anyways that Stun Kikoken is nasty, they really did mean it when every character was’nt gonna be throw aways. I can’t wait to see more. Plus Intro themes are back (Plays Chun Li’s theme in the back of his head and humms).

There will be english and japenses voices for the capcom charactersso yes but I like the english chun Li voice thank you.

THere are some post E3 2010 videos of MvC3 with japanese voice acting for Felicia, Chris, and Morrigan ect.

yeah it really is…it jus opens up for sooo many combo possibility

If it’s slow and gets phased out by other projectiles, who cares?

chun Li comboed the stun kikoken. Assuming she has some pretty nasty long string combos she can perform the long combo and end with that crumple, start over and continue the combo in the air, exchange, exchange, combo finisher. Expecially if her Level 3 is the air one which im sure it probably is.

It’s all speculation her combos can be anything but I doubt they would’nt give it to her for nothing


Loved her on mvc2, mvc3 will love her even more XD

btw, she looks dam good… ppl who say trash know nothing (in mvc2 she rocked as well u.u)

anyway… crumpling kikouken, Combo after the little hop, the same combo possibilities after her super on the ground… well well…

She just looks hella slow to me, and easily rushed down at that.

Her voice actor needs to be shot. And her voice needs to be changed

Okay. Options>Voice Settings>Japanese


They’re gonna remove Stun Kikoken just like they did with Dee Jay’s crumple kicks. If not I call feminism

Liking her art. She’s got nice long legs this time.

It’s like I can make a list of things I could do with those legs all night and for once “build a house” isn’t part of that list.

However, I’m worried that the art will turn off Marvel’s primary audience since they no longer lok like something you’d get at Popeye’s.

/bad jokes