MvC3: Throws

So I’m having a terrible time with throws… I play Tasky, Dorm, Doom, Wesker, and She-Hulk mostly.

Whenever situations come up where I think I’m close enough and it seems like a good time to throw(or tech one), I end up getting a command normal instead which ends up leading to dead character. I usually end up getting moves like:
Dorm’s Dark Matter
Doom’s Hidden Missiles
Wesker’s -> Gunshot
She-Hulk’s -> Overhead Punch

This indicates to me that I wasn’t close enough, but frequently I seem to get grabbed by other characters like Magneto or Sentinel from what seems like a further distance. It seems to me like there’s a bit of an advantage to some characters regarding throws… for example… if Magneto misses his grab, he instead gets a nice fast strong strike that he can combo off of. Other characters like listed above get command normals and are subsequently punished hard for those moves coming out.

I just played over 100 matches with a friend and I swear I lost many of them due to just being thrown everywhere. Either throw teching would fail completely, or I’d get command normals every single time.

Any tips on throws?

Stop mashing throw, time your throw techs better. Wait until they are closer. Wait until they actually ‘throw’ you to throw tech. If you hit the button before, you get a normal and you can’t tech the throw. Yes, magneto’s throw option select is retarded.

If you know someone wants to throw you, usually hitting buttons is the best way to stop it. Hit a really fast jab. This doesn’t work if your opponent is already right next to you or your character is just jumping in or whatever. But if you learn to control and own the space around you, throws shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re hitting back and :h: then you won’t get Wesker’s shot. Do the forward or back input that won’t give you the really punishable move. For Doom, that’s teching with forward. But in general you want to tech with back, because you should be blocking anyway.