MvC3 Tier List Discussion:


It’s early, but I love getting early impressions and then comparing them to
impressions later down the line. People wanted broken, and the game is in
fact broken. Beyond measure? Only time will decide. Me? Don’t fear people
the tier list won’t cause a flood of players to a certain character anymore than
all these vids and plethora of information has. So what do you think? I’m going
to go out on a limb and say…

  1. Sentinel (Sentinel even without xfactor level 3 is insane)
  2. Dante/Storm/Wolverine (Dante can just swing wildly whenever your close to get
    hits with mad range, Storm does what storm does, and Wolverine instant overhead setups)
  3. Zero/Amataresu/Akuma

I’m sleeping on the rest I know and I’m prepared for the flames/locked threadness.
Lets do it!


way too early to be making threads like this. talk about this in the general discussion sticky thread. read the rules.