Mvc3 Title update?

I can’t play online, they keep saying my game isn’t compatible, I need a title update?
I went to game marketplace to check any downloads and no new downloads were available for mvc3. Someone enlighten me on this

Ya, I had to download some sort of update, anyone know what it is?

It seems it has some balance changes, the only change i know so far is that Sent has only around 900,000 life now, I wonder what else was changed.

Yeah sentinel only has 900k life now. It seems kinda odd that they would do a patch like this with no warning and not release any details on what changed.


If Sent truly has less HP, I’m suprised Capcom did changes to the balance only 1 month from the game’s release.
Whatever happened to the term “let the game breathe”? :confused:

Crapcom probably noticed how most players including myself have Sentinel as most used character. Still 10% less hp isn’t going to change much when combos already do a lot, maybe.

This is delicious!

scrubs cried. they cried about SSF4 too and look how fun it turned out for some characters (Gief, Rose, Cammy, Seth…)

Well lets just run with this for awhile. I’m sure it won’t be long before people start crying about another character.

Gief’s still a monster, and Rose’s get out of jail free card was retarded. The other two yeah, there was no reason for those nerfs.

This is retarded. Yeah, Ryu is more durable than a Sentinel. Ok. And how many tournaments did Sentinel win again? Oh that’s right, none.

lowered health for sentinel is reasonable.

He shouldn’t be that damaging, that versatile, or that safe with his moveset and still have the best health in the game. Good compromise to make him still play the same but make him easier to be punished when people play him stupid.

I can deal with a 10% hit on Sent if it will make everyone stop crying.
Just tested the damage/ hit stun reset glitch and its still operational.

Oh, it’s a lot more than 10%. You realize he initially had 1.3 million HP right?

so 900K is about a 30% drop

story-wise this makes sense, I scratched my head when I saw that Sentinel had more life than Thor, the damn god of thunder.

I don’t think they give a shit about keeping the HP levels consistent with the story. I’m pretty sure Tron Bonne has more health than Hulk.

But if you’re gonna go by story, Sentinel should be on the lower end. Wolverine used to cut those things into pieces almost every episode in the X-Men cartoon. Hell, even Jubilee could dismantle a Sentinel with her gay ass “sparkle” power

Yeah, story wise Ryu, a regular human being is tougher than a several story high robot.

If the old x-men cartoon taught me anything, its that sentinels were made out of cardboard.

well lets see how much of this remains consistent once the dust on this patch settles. It isnt clear yet if Sentinel was the only character that felt the gaze of the dev team

p.s. Hulk and Tron are equal on the health front

Thank god. Not because I hate fighting Sentinel like all the scrubs do, but like SaintAvi said, it makes no sense canonically. Jubilee could kill one of those mother fuckers. Come on, he should be like the strongest in the game, best offense and projectile ever, but like 500 health.