MvC3 to be the most popular doujin fighter ever?

I think it’s safe to assume so. Just kinda sucks how MvC3 had to degenerate to a style of fighting games that I have always refused to play.

good lord

and for the record, mvc2 plays like a “doujin” game too

Vs games has never been my cup of tea, esp for being a street fighter fan (call me an ol timer) but im more of the zoning, footsies, mind gaming, poking etc. etc. where combos alone isnt the only tools to win… Now you do that shit in some vs games, its like being a mma fighter against a person with hand grenades, guns and nun-chucks XD

MVC3 is a doujin fighter?? I thought doujin fighters were lol loli,pedo,animu games.

this type of topic is totally below you odin

your standards have fallen pretty low, haven’t they

lol, there are zoning, mind games and spacing game (the equivalent of footsies) on the vs series, only combos wouldnt lead you anywhere
only because you dont understand the game, doesnt mean that the elements arent present

you’re right i dont understand crazy ass infinites you can do on vs games…c’mon you know shit like that is possible, and for the record, just cus i dont play vs games doesnt mean i can enjoy watching vs games.

lots of troll topics lately

ps just because you dont see depth/a certain aspect doesnt mean it’s not there

I don’t see how anyone can disagree?
It’s a blatant doujin button style of 3 attacks and a “special” button. With stupid ground and wall bouncing.
(Ya 3S has some wall bouncing, but don’t be stupid)

2020 mvc will have 2 buttons that can end the world! (sarcasm)

I’m not complaining that they dumbed down the pad. I’m just saying that it’s going to be a popular doujin fighter.

crazy ass shit beyond your comprehension, like me saying sf2 is only about spamming fireballs.

Doujin fighter? All I see is a 2.5d version of MVC2.

Is it fucking Troll Night or something? Is the moon full?

You guys gotta realize that doujin isn’t “ANIME FEST GALORE”. It’s a sub-genre of fighting games that unfortunately all rely on stupid anime characters but have a similar play style, juggle/bounce factors, button configuration and activatable bonuses.

Guilty Gear and Blaz are also doujins. And if you don’t think that MvC3 is, you are delusional.

It’s a VS game, what do you expect?


SF4 has wall bouncing. DOUJIN GAEM OMGGG

good thing doujin fighter has turned into a buzzword so the masses can throw it around and kinda look what they’re talkin about

“Doujin” is a bastardization of “doujinshi” which basically means self published works by a single or small group of people through very low budged means. If you’re playing a game that you can pre-order on Amazon I highly doubt it’s in the realm of “Doujin” anymore.

So come back in a week, hopefully you can find a different way to spit misinformation by then.