MVC3, too simple?

I understand everyone’s dedication to the game but I dont see much in terms of depth in MVC3. Giving it time I understand but I think we already wore the game to its extreme levels. All characters have 100% combos. There is no depth after gettin an 100% combo down. Everyone is overpowerd and the X-Factor makes sure of it.

I’ve won countless times just using Sentinel/Doom/Magneto. Doom with Hidden Missle assist and Sentinel/Magneto with beam spamming. The screen is too far to dash in fast and all the projectiles have amazing priority so as soon as you jump you will ALWAYS get hit.

You can practice all you want but when all someone does is Ryu Shink hadoken, X-Factor Shnku hadoken, then another shinku hadoken for chip victory. You will see how much time you wasted in practicing this game.

This game is built for keepaway characters. An extra long HD sized fullscreen, NO METER WHIFF, and beam projectiles with first priority attacks. And not to mention the best character in the game has all of that and can kill you in 9 hits. cough cough Sentinel. WITH A BASIC COMBO too!!!

There is no depth when capcom made this game so simple that it destroyed the depth that we all saw MVC2 had. I think they dumbed this game down alittle too much.

Try it seriously, use a keep away team and watch the wins stack up.

Edit: And with Sentinel, when they get close all you have to do is Jump, H, S, cr.M, S, Fly, S. Repeat this and you can guaranty a combo starting string. One of the S attacks will connect or you start the string over. Most characters will run into his super armor attack and end up getting launched.

Depth? what Depth?

Sounds like someone sucks at MvC3.

Sucks? lmao I can do all the combos and tricks son. The easiest way to win is to do as stated above. Im already over a 70 win streak on RANKED

if I wanted to I could pull a 100% from either Mag or Doom but I prefer to piss other people off lmao

holy shit man u found out everything!? Damn u gonna take evo now son, make me proud.

Oh my word! This man has a winstreak on online RANKED! Clearly his opinion must be venerated above all others. I mean, if he can’t get past sentinel spit spam, clearly no one can.


<3 u.

And combos aren’t the only part to the game.

Oh cool you found something that online people can’t deal with, aren’t you great? Do you play SSF4 and continually do Geifs lariat and Blanka balls and then talk about how there’s no depth because the kids online can’t deal with it?

Oh oh you’re going to counter with “But these guys have a lot of wins too!”. Yo, 2 weeks in, this is prime time for cheese tactics while people are familiarizing themselves with a new game. You should go to an offline session with serious players and see if your team and tactic is as good as you think it is.

stop making useless threads.

I can do combos. I are good.

I play Ranked match and win. I are good.

People can’t figure out my scrubby tactics. They not be scrubs, I are just good.

what is with all these idiotic posts NOW seriously. Couldn’t you guys have done all your whining before the game was out?

Also you are a pretty unfunguy, funguy.