With the game less than two weeks away and the final roster revealed, many organizers are prepared to start running tournaments for MvC3.

The only thing I believe that is left to be cleared is will the DLC characters (Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath) be eligible to use right away. So far, they are available for download to those who purchase the collectors editions of the game four weeks after launch, but I haven’t read anything about them becoming available to regular buyers. So if that has been addressed, please post it here and I’ll make the appropriate edit.

I guess another question to be answered for everyone is, will the unlock-able characters (Akuma, Sentinel, Hsien-Ko, and Taskmaster) be allowed to use upon launch. For now, I’m seeing that being at the sole discretion of the tournament organizer as many will be hosting a midnight launch tournament for the game. Some businesses will have them early (most of them will) and some will get them the day of. I don’t think this title will be ‘street dated’ where retailer will not be allowed to even open pop in a copy for demo purposes before midnight.

For now, run them straight from the retail package to be fair (for those hosting midnight launch tournaments) and for those running them on the following weekend, I’m sure people will have unlocked a few characters by then and using them will be ok.

**Midnight Release Tournament Rules (NOT OFFICIAL) **

You may use anyone who isn’t an unlock-able character.
You may not use three of the same character (if its possible).
Default Timer.
Random Stage (if you’re able to choose stages).
Standard 2/3 Games.
Double Elimination (Single if you are limited to time).
Players will be allowed to use ‘Simple Mode’ at any time during the tournament.

*In the following weeks, if any game breaking bugs are found and believe to give an unfair advantage to the individual using them, use this thread to list them here to be reviewed and suggested for a possible ban in future tournaments. *

And on that note, “Let’s get it on!”


What’s the reason for no three of the same character?

Also do you know if Gamestop will be holding any of these?

EVO rules should be followed for DLC. In other words, they have to be out for a certain amount of time for them to be legal.

sounds good to me.

I BELIEVE that buying the CE does not give you the characters earlier than anyone else, it only gives you a voucher for when they are released in March. non-ce players get to buy the characters then, rather than get them for free.

This info is from the original Gamestop/EH post, so…hm.

Shoryuken - Marvel vs Capcom 3 Release Date Confirmed - February 15th, 2011

Here, from the Press Release.

  • 2 Playable DLC Characters ? Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine. Content is available 4 weeks post-launch.

I don’t see the point in banning unlockables. In reality you might not be able to play them on a midnight tournament for obvious reasons, but if they are unlocked on that given console, no reason not to be able to use them.

The no three of the same characters carried over from the days of MvC2 where you aren’t able to do so on the arcade version and given that you were able to pick three Cables or three Sentinels on the console version was just insane.

GameStop will not be running any MvC3 tourneys and with less that two weeks to actually promote a GameStop, the only GameStop MvC3 tourney you’ll be seeing are the ones that are partnered with local neighbor retailers to help raise sales through partnered advertising. I use to do things like that for my store, but usually has to get approved by your District Manager and you must have approved allocated hours to run non-scheduled events/promotions, and with GameStop’s current position, no extra hours are being given to the stores and staff members to go over the already set hours for that work week.

Unlock-able characters aren’t banned, but for the midnight release tournaments being held, I doubt people will want to wait an hour for someone to play through the game to unlock all unlock-able characters and businesses cannot stay open any longer than planned or scheduled. Now unless they are able to pop in a copy a few hours before the event and play through to unlock them, then I can see that being fine.

Good read. I’ll be hosting MVC3 bimonthlies starting in March in NJ so these rules will help me out some.

Bad example I know, but when Brawl came out none of the unlockable characters were allowed for use, even if they were unlocked over the course of the tournament.

That makes sense, though.

Over the course of =/= before the.

Ah geez, you have to bring up bad memories. I’ll never forget that day.

That’s pretty silly! I mean, it’s not like you have to worry about people “not getting enough practice against them” if it’s launch day events.

i think its more so people wont complain about “i wouldve won if i wouldve got to play later, because then i couldve picked so-and-so”

In the LI Joe video, Seth mentions that selecting “Chun with Chun assist” isn’t possible, so I’m guessing that duplicate/triplicate characters can be considered impossible at this point.

The fact that each character only has 4 colours should have already been a hint you couldn’t pick the same character over.

Wait, does this mean Gamestops ARE having Midnight Release tourneys?

No, Saitsuofleaves. Some Store Managers are really good at promoting hype with new games hold great events for them. Like hosting tournaments. GameStop is NOT having a ‘national tournament’, but some Store Managers will be running tournaments as an ‘event’ for its release. If you head over to the Tournament and Events thread, you’ll see that there is a GameStop (in NJ, I believe) that is partnering with an electronic store for their midnight release event (an MvC3 tourney).

That won’t be a problem. If I’m not mistaken, you can earn PP points in any mode in the game. You can earn enough points playing in VS mode to unlock them. Arcade is just the easiest way to do it.