MvC3 Trailer

Get hype!

Better have Dante and Vergil.

Looks like it will be using the Tatsunoko engine from what I see.

Get hype. Even if it’s the fail TvC engine.

IMO, better than the SF4 engine. At least everyone won’t look like a neanderthal. But Yes, I agree, slightly disappointing. I’m just praying they put the Devil May Cry cast in it.

It’s on MT Framework (RE5, LP2, Dead Rising), not the TvC engine.

Engine != art style. It could have been on the SFIV engine and looked nothing like SFIV if it had say, Shinkiro instead of Ikeno on board.

Sweet, but the models still look the same =/. At least ryu’s model is from Tatsunoko. Unless that fireball super at the end is some sort of logo for MT.

Man, now that this game is coming out, I can safely say, FUCK Super Street Fighter IV straight in the asshole. This is where all the real hype is at. No longer do I have to feel pressured simply because that’s the only fighting game coming out.

For all we know this may come in 2011.

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Damn, y’all put up this shit fast!

All I can say is…where yo curly mustache at?!

Holy crap, I am pumped for this. That trailer leaves me wanting more like a guy who just got his first fix of crack.


seriously… verbatim

agreed 100%. i can’t wait for this game to drop.

I wanted to see Cable AHVB x 3 someone, Sentinel do some fly-unfly stuff and Magneto ROM’ing somebody, nonetheless I can’t wait for this.

Its gonna be a whole new game, and the engine appears to be the TvC one as previously suspected by the last scene in the trailer.

-I’m just hoping they dont change the 3 on 3 set up, and move back to the “assist” character with a 2 v 2.

I also wonder if its on the TvC engine, will it be on the wii arcade hardware like TvC was ? - and if so, could this be the first time we see a fighting game released on all three consoles ? (of the current generation, even though the wii is the most under powered)

the rumor said ps3/xbox 360 only for now. they haven’t said anything other than that. being that that was “announced” kinda sorta, i’m hoping they keep it to 4 or 6 buttons instead of 3.

Na, well yeah and na… COMPARISON_PIC the animation is the same possibly the model however there are more polys, I dunno what woudl be easier for them to port the tat engine over to 360/PS3 or build it in the SF4 engine… either way its gonna rock my sox

now that you post it side by side, it does kinda look different… kinda =)

on the button set up, TvC is cool, but I agree, 4 main 2 assist 6 total is the best IMO.

sf4 style with exaggerated tvc animation? it fits. they did say in rumors: mvc2/sf4. i’m guessing sf4 graphics for characters but tvc exaggerated moves(to match vs series while making it clean)

its supposedly xbox n ps3 systems… so prolly sf4

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