MVC3: Trying to get into more advanced techniques but stuck

Hello This is my first post on Srk!

I use a team of Tron/Dante/Morrigan and up until now Ive just pretty much only played against my friends but I want to play better and try and do more advanced combos and things (Im very interested in Dante’s and Tron’s awesome combos!)

But it seems almost like Im missing something. No matter how many times I try I can’t bold cancel with Dante or do Any combo’s with Tron and with Morrigan I can’t even manage to link Finnishing Shower after Shadow Blade H half of the time…

And If I do do it it works in like training mode but whenever I get into a fight I just get run over without even getting a chance to try anything at all. I guess my biggest problem is my approach I can only seem to approach with Morrigan.

Any tips?

Well, I don’t know what bold cancelling is, but I can tell you that while training mode and mission will help you understand how combos can work, it won’t make you a more seasoned player. Often when players do training and missions, they may feel like they’ve got the knowledge and experience necessary to take on all comers, but the truth is it’s only one step. There is no substitute for experience.

If you are like me, when I first started out, I felt sorta the same way, but found that knowing fancy combos isn’t what wins battles. When you actually play a opponents online, that can add pressure and nervousness that may cause you to mistime and drop combos and links. The more you play though, you will learn and feel yourself open up as a player, relax, and your timing will get better. Practice a combo setup, and when you land it in online play, basically muscle memory should take over. Practice makes perfect, and experience can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

To tell you the truth though, the ranked battle system will often match you against someone much higher than your level most the time. So you are trying to merely get in decent experience, the other guys concentrating on running you over, which leaves you learning almost nothing. Stick to guys your level at first, and work up, it’s much less frustrating and more fun.

Also, know that your combos won’t help unless you find ways to land that first hit and get the combo going. That’s why setups for landing that first hit are just as important to know as a character’s combos. Make good use of your assists, mixup your opponent and confuse them, learn to read them slightly, and figure out what moves they use are punishable, and know your own characters as well. What can Morrigan use to land her first hit, what can you use your assists for, how can you confuse and mixup the opponent, etc. Dante has lots of good long combos that require some muscle memory to use but build lots of meter quick, and has good assists, Tron has some good juggles, big hitboxes, and her Gustaf Fire assist is invincible, and Morrigan has one hyper that creates a mirror clone to put pressure on the opponent from both sides of the screen for good chip and better combos.

There’s a lot of info to take in, but just practice and play at a steady pace, and you’ll get there. Also, try using the character specific sections of the forums to try and understand your characters’ potential.

I am also learning the Bold Cancel it is a pretty Difficult Technique at first but once you understand how it work (as with any combo or technique) you can go about learning it better.

If you are trying to Bold Cancel Teleport - How I have been doing it is to preform the input for stinger (after the “down guns” move ‘cold shower’ i think its called) then as SOON as it starts tap: Down+Atk+Special (3x’s)[I think you only need to do the input two times but I have been doing it 3 to be sure i got it… I still am practicing the input but I know it works] as fast as you can. What you are trying to do is input the Bold Move Cancel (Sp+Atk), AND the Teleport (down,down+S) a fraction of a second apart by buffering the teleport input into the Bold Move so that the teleport activates after the Bold Move BUT BEFORE he leaves the ground. (Get it?) The Teleport will come out and then you will be behind the opponent if you are mid-screen but in front of them if their back is against the corner.

Training mode. Yes, being in training mode for hours on end can be tiresome, but it’s neccessary. It probably took my stupid fingers 1-2 hours straight to do Dante’s LMH, f+H, bold cancel volcano, j.H xx airplay, j.H, and even longer for the rest of his BnB, but now I’m pretty solid with them.

Lots of tips for bold cancelling is available in the Dante section of the MvC3 forum. Or if there’s a particular bold cancel you’re having difficulty with, post up here.

I think one the biggest factors is your team order. You starting Tron means you’re losing one of the best assists in the game, Trons Gustaff Fire. You should seriously consider switching your order to something like Dante/Morrigan/Tron or even Morrigan/Dante/Tron. Dante is already an amazing character, but with the right assist he’s almost unstoppable. You mentioned that sometimes you don’t even get a chance to do anything, that’s where the Tron assist comes in! When you feel your opponent is gonna rush in, that’s when you call your Tron assist & open em up for your own combo. Using The Tron assist makes your opponent afraid of rushing in & used in the right way gives you absolute control over a match. GOOD LUCK!

Weeeelll all that TRON stuff is prolly gonna stop when UMvC3 comes out since that Assist got nerfed sooo I just thought that Fersnachi should be aware of that so he doesn’t count on it when the next game comes out. (until it is tested anyway)

Thanks for the tips guy!

And yes I put Tron on point because I hate seeing people abuse her as an assist… And having her an an anchor really sucks.
Morrigan is a way better Anchor IMO

SO yes basically I have to put more time into training mode. But Im still having problems approaching with Dante. Right now I kind of walk around and poke with his QCB L Guitar attack… bad right?

Nah, qcb+L is his fastest move, tied with s.L. Cancel into fireworks (mash H) and its safe, with good chip and meter building. Great for catching point and assist and you have a day and a half to confirm the hit to cancel fireworks into million dollars.

qcb+L should DEFINITELY be part of your footsies and ground game. it’s main use would be when you expect to catch point + assist in the hit, or want to chip or just annoy. You can’t really convert a hit to BIG DAMAGE, but its a really annoying move. The other main ways to approach are with teleports with cover from either slow projectiles (air play, fully charged air play, qcf+S from full screen, qcf+H from mid screen, multi hitting projectile assists) or ‘tri jumps’ (jump, immediately cancel to forward air dash by hitting two attacks, then either j.M or j.H to hit). Keep in mind, these should be used for characters you WANT to approach. There are many opposing characters that you will want to play keep away with, and fish for a Hammer to land. Hammer can lead to a (compared to other Danta combos) super easy 720k combo.

Her assist is amazing. If you put her on point just to be a hipster that is dumb.