MvC3: Two Girls one Corpse: The Hsien-Ko Thread!



Hsien Ko was originally introduced in Nightwarriors (Darkstalkers 2). She is a Jiang Shi, or hopping vampire, and her dead sister is stored in the charm on her forehead.


:l: = Light attack
:m: = Medium attack
:h: = Heavy attack
:s: = Exchange
:atk::atk: = any two attack buttons (for Hypers)
:a1: = Assist 1
:a2: = Assist 2
DHC= Delayed Hyper Combo
KFC= X-Factor Cancel
AD= Airdash

A: Senpuu Bu (Direct, Front :f:) Pendulum.
B: Henkyou Ki (Shot, Front :f:) Gong, reflects projectiles
Y: Anki Hou (Shot, Tilt Up :uf:) Projectile AAA chance of stunning.



Dash and Airdash: Hsien-Ko has a 2 way airdash. It travels pretty far but is quite slow. In addition, her forward ground dash is invisible. It possibly has some invincibility frames.

Anki Hou: :qcf::atk: Projectile attack, height and arc determined by button used. Has a random (or semirandom) chance to stun or throw a timebomb.
:l: straight forward, slight arc.
:m: up/forward 45 degrees, then arcs downward.
:h: Straight up/straight down.

Henkyou Ki: :rdp::atk: “Gong” reflects/absorbs projectiles, can be done in the air, don’t know yet how it will interact in marvel. Can apparently do the old Megaman Air Gong > Ground Gong.

Sempuu Bu: :dp::atk: “Pendulum” She is suspended from a chain and acts as a spinning blade swinging through the air, can be done in the air, normal cancellable (think like web swing that also goes backwards). Can be cancelled instantly, or at any point in the motion, and might provide momentum.

Houten Geki: :hcb::atk: Special throw

Hyper Combos

Tenraiha= :qcb::atk::atk: She drops a 2 ton weight and a bunch of spiked balls on the enemy. Had a tap input in the DS games
Cheireitou= :qcf::atk::atk: Makes a wave of spikes come up out of the ground in front of and behind her
Daibousou: Rimoukon= :dp::atk::atk: Dark Force. Gives her Super or Hyper armor.


Fellow Contributors:
Syke1 special thanks for the awesome format for the game.


Her Henkyou Ki looks so badass. It’s like a sonic boom that reflects shit. Hoping it’s an assist.

I’m wondering what her Darkforce does. Does the golden Willy Wonka ticket do anything?


Wind is on this!

Do we know if her sister’s super has a similar effect as before?


it gives her Super or Hyper armor, as far as we can tell.


We don’t know if the Dark Force functions exactly the same as in Vampire Savior…


Ya, her “yellow mode” which I was quickly and harshly corrected as Dark Force in the Unity forums. It looks like it has hyper armour on it. In her trailer vid @ 0:46 you will see her go into pendulum swing. As the animation starts Wolverine hits her, but she doesn’t get hit out of the move. She just takes a little damage. On top of that, it’s like other characters attribute enhancing modes. You can tag her out and she retains her Dark Force, which means assists with hyper armour. If she has pendulum as an assist, it could be very nasty!

Edit: oops, should have said hyper armour, fixed.


Name win!


LOL best thread title ever.


It seemed to have Hyper Armor in the trailer, at least.

Also, god damn it, that gong is going to rape projectile characters. I wonder how it will affect beams?


Zoning teams will rape with Gong assist. Storm or modok with Gong seems scary. If it is actually an assist.


Good thing it’s not a 1v1 game…HK/Arthur matchup would be 10-0.

Other than that ATROCIOUS voice (though I wasn’t expecting much considering the other DS English VA’s), she looks solid. Team DS might get the job done.


I liked my thread title more: Dead girls don’t say no.

Anyway, I’m making the prediction that she’ll be the new Cable. Easy Top Tier character. OP forgot to add that she can do two Gong attacks high and low. That will be very fucking nasty.


Tenreiha seems beastly like it was in the darkstalker games. I know in darkstalkers it was :lk::hk::mp::mp::u: but, I have no clue what the equivalent in mvc3 would be.


+1 for hoping Gong is an assist, I’m torn on whether to use this char. Gong looks awesome, her airdash is made of win, and the wave of blades is badass, but I’m not a huge fan of her otherwise. Might make my team just as an assist, we’ll see what moves she gets. Her pendulum looks like a monster for crossups.


Hsien-Ko looks great!


That really is the best title for a thread ever. DARKSTALKERS TEAM <3


I’m a bit disappointed because she looks so slow. That alone will potentially make her one of the more unused characters in the game.

She’ll be sitting in the same awkward lobby as Captain America, Taskmaster and Wolverine :frowning:


Yay for Hsien-Ko. Cant wait to play Team Darkstalker!


Thoughts I had while glancing over the footage earlier:

  • Ankihou: Some items cause a dizzy state on impact, but it’s not yet known whether their frequency is predictable in MvC3 as it is in Vampire Savior. L-toss items can cause dizzy, unlike in VS. Chuukadan (time bomb) is one of the random items that can be thrown; can probably damage both Hsien-ko and her opponent.

  • Gong: Exactly what can the gong reflect (beams? supers? rocket punches lol)? What happens when you hit the opponent with the gong itself? Knockback? Stagger? Anything?

  • Pendulum swing: How fast is it? Can it be comboed into/from? Can it be canceled and used as a fast way to traverse the screen?

  • Tenraiha: Does the first hit strike overhead? Does the ground slam hit full-screen? Mid? Low? Can she follow up afterward?

  • Cheireitou: Probably good for forcing the opponent into the corner. Can she follow up this as well?

  • Dark Force: Does not eliminate the opponent’s red health. Grants hyper armor. Does armor persist after tagging (hyper armor assists)? How much does her moveset change while it’s active? Can she throw or be thrown?

The input for Morrigan’s Darkness Illusion is the same as the Raging Demon in DS. Doesn’t really have any bearing for how they’re incorporated into this series.