MvC3 > UMvC3 am I alone?

Editing, sorry was trying to type this on my phone and pressed post by accident, safari on ios5 is garbage! I’ll rewrite this and bump it later when I’m on the comp.

I’ll agree with you in this sense that my vanilla team is better than my Ultimate team. Of course I’ve had more time with the vanilla team. But I have doubts that I can recreate this team. It was as close to my playing style as I’ll ever get in this game.

She-Hulk, Wolverine, Dante.

This team was built around Level 1 or 2 XF Wolverine. Level 1, easily take out 2 characters. Level 2, Three characters. I would do a lengthy meter building combo with She-Hulk and the TAC glitch. Reset if the opponents health was plentiful, DHC to Wolverine and first char’s dead. Opponent comes in I have a 50/50 with Berzerker slash and Jam Session. It kept them in the air long enough for a dive kick. A killer XFC combo using She-Hulk’s Torpedo OTG assist. XFC lvl1 is only half gone. 50/50 again and finish the third. Even if it was Thor, I would still have enough meter to DHC for the finish. If all fails, Dante can make a comeback. Has meter building combos and a mix-up with Acid rain TP (Or dash under). A killer Level 3 that has many ways to combo into. The things I could do with this team I haven’t come close to in Ultimate. This team just doesn’t work the way it used to.

My Current team has Frank West second and Dante’s still third. They have really good chemistry and I just love a Level 4 or 5 Frank West. My current point is Vergil. His Maximum Vergil allows for DHC snapshot for instant level 4 depending on if I can connect my bnb before hand. But I’m finding out I’m not using Vergil to his potential. And I really can’t use him well. I think I may switch to Nova on point. I don’t have the game so I haven’t really been in practice mode a ton to work things out.

Outside of Vanilla Phoenix and Wolvie + Akuma shutting down a lot of character archetypes…it was a pretty good game IMO. I don’t see why people made a big deal about DHC glitch cuz it let characters that couldn’t normally do damage do some real damage. Yeah…you basically died but in UMVC3 the TOD’s are more character and execution specific now and then XF still durps around and kills people in one combo.

I am definitely enjoying Ultimate more than Vanilla though because there aren’t as many “do one right easy mode thing…win the match” scenarios anymore. Wolverine and Phoenix were notorious for having easy mode opening gambits where if they touched you first…shit was done. Wolverine air throwing you and then you potentially lose 2 people just for burning his XF? Stupid. Phoenix team lands 2 combos and you have to fight 3 characters + a 4th final boss character? Hella stupid. I’m definitely liking how Phoenix teams have to run TAC gimmicks to even get close to that again.

Ultimate at high level play will still ultimately come down to a TOD fest and it’s obvious now that Spencer has the game’s easiest non XF TOD combos. Once people step their corner combo execution up with characters like Zero characters will eventually be dropping left and right like the DHC glitch days. At least this time there will be an execution threshold here the combo might drop and force people to run resets. Which will create more mind games and longer matches even if the game is still a big get touched you die or almost die.

In general I just like how Ultimate has a vast selection of viable characters and how there most likely won’t be anymore “do one thing right, win the match” teams like there were in Vanilla. Even X-23 was capable of that shit in Vanilla and it was basically more guaranteed than Wolverine’s shit.

Fixed that for you sir.

I like Ultimate a lot more. There was seriously too much bullshit in Vanilla. It was absurd. And that was only the beginning of the game. Near the end of Vanilla Haggar assist + Wesker was making people real salty and I can definitely see why. It was retarded. There was a few things I liked about Vanilla though. The hitstun decay in Ultimate is more annoying than anything and removing knockdowns on a lot of the assists made the game have even more bad assists.

I think Fanatiq likes Vanilla over Ultimate, but other than that, I can’t think of anyone else.

I’ve been hearing mixed stuff about Fanatiq. Apparently at first he thought his team would be worse in Ultimate but then he made that video where he was all like “people are kidding themselves if they think my team isn’t great without DHC glitch”. Then hearing that he thinks Magneto is better in this than he was in Vanilla. I dunno I’ve just heard a lot of things about how he feels about the game and his team so it would be interesting to know what’s really going down with him. Especially considering he’s one of the several but definitely not super numerous MVC2 players that play this game seriously.

Yeah, from what I heard he was just upset with Mags at first, but after putting in practice he thinks hes better.

U fuckin nuts!? No.

Vanilla didnt have enough swiss cheese

I like the aesthetics in Vanilla a hell of a lot more.

Vanilla shits on Chocolate. Easily.

I’ll agree with the aesthetics. I liked the old character select and vs. screens and of course the non Vita friendly HUD.

Oh wait, I forgot, this is the FGC, where everything new always sucks and the ones that we shit on before are always better because…

^It’s called the “Golden Age” fallacy.

That being said, I think the new HSD is lame and I hate that they over-nerfed Tron, but other than that I think both games are fine, though I wouldn’t have minded a year or so more of Vanilla MvC3.

Ultimate has Heroes and Heralds, it’s not even a contest.

Things in Vanilla that I’m glad are gone
Wolverine Herp Durp Crossups
Easy Dark Phoenix
Character Select Screen
Online setup
DHC Glitch
Haggar and Tron’s assists
Huge meter gain

Things I want back in Ultimate
Block while air dashing
Zero’s hard knockdown on buster

Ultimate is definitely the more solid game.

Does everybody do this? When super sf 4 came out people were like “Oh vanilla was better” is this some sort of hipster thing? Cause I dont get it. It seems like when something new comes out everybody always says how the first one was better. Also THIRD STRIKE IS BETTER THAN STREET FIGHTER 4 HANDS DOWN.

I’m in favor of Zero only being the best character, not the best character and only viable one. Ultimate Zero with hard knockdown on buster is the most scary thing I can imagine in this game, no contest.

Ultimate is catering to the scrubs and casuals.

Vanilla MvC3 is intended for hardcore players.

Aw yeah.