MvC3 & UMvC3 Match Making/Request Thread


XBL GT: s0viet afr0
Team: Dante/Dormammu/Sentinel (Main~ish)
subs Magneto/drones

Skill Level: Meh, I’m very average


PSN: danimals510
Region: Southern California
Main: Ammy/Tron/Sentinel
Troll: Wolverine/Wesker/Sentinel
Super Troll: Wolverine/Sentinel/Phoenix
Rank: I rarely play ranked, but I’m on the verge of becoming a 4th Lord and I currently have a 48 game winstreak. I don’t know if I want to cross over just yet, but I might play two more just to make that an even 50.
Skill: I’m okay. I can probably give you a decent fight unless you use Phoenix. My team is pretty much 100% free to her.

Feel free to add me. I need some good online competition because the average online player right now is pretty darn bad.


GT: bus orez
System: box 360
region: pennsylvania
Team: random select
rank: whats that???
skill level: free wins at a discounted rate?(sarcasm)


XBL GT: SyfexBlade
Main Team: X-23/Captain America/Dormammu
Fun Team: Thor/Arthur/Haggar
Region: Southern US
Rank: 5th Lord

I’m normally on during Friday/Saturday but sometimes I’ll get on during the week.


XBL GT: Kamukix
Main Team: Cap/Spencer/IronMan
2nd Team: IronMan/Tron/Chris
Learning: Cap/Spencer/Doom (and Spencer/IronMan/Doom)
Region: Eastcoast (DE)
Rank: never done a single ranked match
Skill level: I’d say I’m intermediate looking to get to advanced
Feel free to msg me for some matches/training even if you’re not on my friend list. :slight_smile:

I’m probably on everyday (after 3pm) though I spend a lot of time in training mode, I’m ALWAYS looking for other people who are looking to intelligently get better, especially if you have a mic so we can breakdown what’s going on at time or bounce ideas…

I also prefer someone that doesn’t really care about xbl win/loss rate (I don’t care in the slightest), I don’t mind using characters I’m not great with just to get the experience in a fight (and hopefully you don’t either). I also don’t mind having a little practice session online since we sadly can’t just choose a training mode online lol. Though of course the main team skill is most important.



PSN- Hammik
Region- East Coast/ Jersey
Rank- 7th Lord(around 60-65% win)

I think of myself as a beginner but I have been winning online a bunch lately so I guess Im getting better. Im always down to play some friendly matches and would love to play some people better than me willing to give pointers(Im always down to do this for others as well.) I would also love to fight someone with 1st rank to get the damn trophy. Hit me up.


PSN: ExiaSmasher


PSN: GhostTear

Prepare for Vergil…


PSN IDs: “superschure” [USA] / “suupaashaa” [JPN]
Region: Atlantic Northeast (NYC)
Rank: 5th Lord
Skill: I play dirty; like Bruce Lee biting your balls dirty. It’s Mahvel, baybee!
A: Skrull(B)/Viper(y) + Magneto(a) + Doom(B/y)
B: Hawkeye(a)/Doctor Strange(a) + Dormmamu(a) + Magneto(a)
C: Taskmaster(a) + Magneto(a) + Strider Hiryu(y)


Name: Cable/Cee Dizzy
XBL GT: Cee Dizzy
Region: Detroit, Michigan
Rank: Fighter (36-3 so far)
Skill: Somedays Im absolutely godlike, other days Im just ok.

The teams that I usually play with are…

Firebrand/Frank West/Amaterasu

^^^^ My fucking Wolves :slight_smile:

This upcoming semester, I only have 1 class on mondays and no class on Fridays. Don’t count on me for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.

Any Ghost Riders, Spencers, Deadpools, Wolverines, Weskers, Taskmasters and Dormammus, hit me up please.


lies and more lies


LOL you the one to talk. You bodied me 20-5 a couple times in a row with that uber lame team lmao


Name: Sergio (aka sKoF aka taekua)
Region: North Mexico
Rank: Cosmic Lord PSN 78% Wins / XBL MasterLord 88 % Wins
XBL GamerTag: taekua
PSN GamerTag: taekua
Teams: Wolvie, Dorm, Dante
Tasky, Magnus, Dante,
Wesker, Magnus , Dorm
Internet Connection: 20 Mb non shared
Skill: pretty decent I believe

Catch me after 8 pm GMT - 6

I already played against one of the evo contestants (13th place) at first he got the crap out of me, but then things got even…

the only thing that bothers me is the abuse of DHC glitch


I will be your nemesis Pal! =P


PSN: Dangerexcite
Team: Wesker/Dormmamu/Sentinel
Secondary: Chris/Deadpool/Spider-Man
Rank: 4th Judge (and I can’t get any further than that, because i just end up playing player for a long time)
Region: New Jersey
Ranked is a 71% win ratio, but overall is a 61% there was a time when I used Thor/X-23/Viewtiful Joe as my main for awhile.

I’m on the weekends, Mon-Fri i have class so I won’t be on, will be on random times during the weekends, except sunday night. I play for a good 2-3 hours of practice.

Too true too true


HI new to the forum , but to the point…
I want some matches because my sf 4 crew didn’t like marvel 3 =(

XBL GT: KaIzeTsu RyU
Region: Mexico
Rank: well, i was high lord with 72% win rate, but i recently deleted my save file so i am now a beginner =P
Teams: Fun team (zero/ryu/dr. doom) troll/cheap team (wolverine/wesker/sentinel) I want to win team
(dormmamu/wesker/dante) I am serious team (zero/wesker/sentinel)
Conection: decent with Mexico (obviously) southern parts of the U.S. (half of my online sf4 crew is from there) and
sometimes i have randomly decent conections with canadias =P
Skill: if i use zero z.buster game plan i think that i am at least decent =)

i am looking for good zero players to practice, but i can play against anyone (even phoenix teams), but if you
rely on TAC combos please dont add me they really annoy me, and preferably not hulk (i can beat him but it frustrate me and bores me)
but if you play a decent hulk and want to go against a somewhat decent zero well, add me i could learn something. =)


XBL: Depstar
Midwest (Ohio)
Skill Level: Sometimes good, sometimes bad
Teams: Jill/Dante/Doom

I mess around with a lot of characters


I know you arent calling MY team lame… lol. Ive been learning a new team anyways. Just to pass the time until umvc3


Oh forreal? Ok we gotta play sometime again soon. Maybe tomorrow?


From the Southwest (Texas)
I’m a 9th Lord. I think one star. >_> I suppose I’m like, slightly above a beginner level. Know what’s going on but don’t yet have a great game plan or skill. Looking for people above my level to play and critique me. =O