MvC3 & UMvC3 Match Making/Request Thread


Name: Cable/Cee Dizzy
XBL GT: Cee Dizzy
Region: Detroit, Michigan
Rank: Fighter (36-3 so far)
Skill: Somedays Im absolutely godlike, other days Im just ok.

The teams that I usually play with are…

Firebrand/Frank West/Amaterasu

^^^^ My fucking Wolves :slight_smile:

This upcoming semester, I only have 1 class on mondays and no class on Fridays. Don’t count on me for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.

Any Ghost Riders, Spencers, Deadpools, Wolverines, Weskers, Taskmasters and Dormammus, hit me up please.


lies and more lies


LOL you the one to talk. You bodied me 20-5 a couple times in a row with that uber lame team lmao


Name: Sergio (aka sKoF aka taekua)
Region: North Mexico
Rank: Cosmic Lord PSN 78% Wins / XBL MasterLord 88 % Wins
XBL GamerTag: taekua
PSN GamerTag: taekua
Teams: Wolvie, Dorm, Dante
Tasky, Magnus, Dante,
Wesker, Magnus , Dorm
Internet Connection: 20 Mb non shared
Skill: pretty decent I believe

Catch me after 8 pm GMT - 6

I already played against one of the evo contestants (13th place) at first he got the crap out of me, but then things got even…

the only thing that bothers me is the abuse of DHC glitch


I will be your nemesis Pal! =P


PSN: Dangerexcite
Team: Wesker/Dormmamu/Sentinel
Secondary: Chris/Deadpool/Spider-Man
Rank: 4th Judge (and I can’t get any further than that, because i just end up playing player for a long time)
Region: New Jersey
Ranked is a 71% win ratio, but overall is a 61% there was a time when I used Thor/X-23/Viewtiful Joe as my main for awhile.

I’m on the weekends, Mon-Fri i have class so I won’t be on, will be on random times during the weekends, except sunday night. I play for a good 2-3 hours of practice.

Too true too true


HI new to the forum , but to the point…
I want some matches because my sf 4 crew didn’t like marvel 3 =(

XBL GT: KaIzeTsu RyU
Region: Mexico
Rank: well, i was high lord with 72% win rate, but i recently deleted my save file so i am now a beginner =P
Teams: Fun team (zero/ryu/dr. doom) troll/cheap team (wolverine/wesker/sentinel) I want to win team
(dormmamu/wesker/dante) I am serious team (zero/wesker/sentinel)
Conection: decent with Mexico (obviously) southern parts of the U.S. (half of my online sf4 crew is from there) and
sometimes i have randomly decent conections with canadias =P
Skill: if i use zero z.buster game plan i think that i am at least decent =)

i am looking for good zero players to practice, but i can play against anyone (even phoenix teams), but if you
rely on TAC combos please dont add me they really annoy me, and preferably not hulk (i can beat him but it frustrate me and bores me)
but if you play a decent hulk and want to go against a somewhat decent zero well, add me i could learn something. =)


XBL: Depstar
Midwest (Ohio)
Skill Level: Sometimes good, sometimes bad
Teams: Jill/Dante/Doom

I mess around with a lot of characters


I know you arent calling MY team lame… lol. Ive been learning a new team anyways. Just to pass the time until umvc3


Oh forreal? Ok we gotta play sometime again soon. Maybe tomorrow?


From the Southwest (Texas)
I’m a 9th Lord. I think one star. >_> I suppose I’m like, slightly above a beginner level. Know what’s going on but don’t yet have a great game plan or skill. Looking for people above my level to play and critique me. =O


Im not sure if i will be on tomorrow but if i am ill shoot you an invite


XBL: King Kazi
Reigon: Midwest (IL)
Team: Dorm/Dante/Task (I play a rush-down Dormammu so be warned), I got several other characters I mess around with but I’m always switching the teams around.
Skill: I’m pretty decent. I think got to 7th lord, but that was with a different team. Rarely played rank since the switch so Im sure I would be higher.

Im not on xbl as often as I would like to be, but I be on there at random times. Every new fighter (great or garbage) helps me step up my game so I’m welcome to any and all challengers.


PSN - PjMontbleau
Region - Texas, Houston
Team - Shulk/Doom/Dorm( Team Green)
Rank - 3rd Lord
Always down for a fight, Mostly on in the evenings.


360GT: swiperdafox313
region: MI
team: wesker/doom/dorm
rank: amateur but i rarely play ranked and i prefer marvel offline but i’ll play online with a good connection


PSN ID - RadRed
Region - East Coast / MD
1st Team - Viewtiful Joe / Amaterasu / Chris Redfield
2nd Team - Rocket Raccoon / Chris Redfield / Dr. Doom
Rank - Beginner. Hahaha.
Skill - I think I’m alright with my main team at least. My Dr. Doom and Rocket Raccoon are still kind of in the early stages.


PSN - R3kkuchi
East Coast
Primary: Tron / Dormammu / Dr. Doom
Secondary: Trish / Wesker / Magneto
Rank - 9th Ranger
Skill - I’d say I’m decent, but I seldom get a chance to play people who are skilled at the game outside of netplay, and that’s so inconsistent I regularly get beat by stupid shit, so I’ve by and large stopped trying

I just posted this in the General thread, but I figured I’d throw it here too, I just got my trophy for clearing Mission Mode and now all I need is to fight someone of 1st class ranking and I’ll get this game’s Platinum Trophy. Anyone who’d be willing to help me out (a.k.a. beat my ass) that’d be awesomesauce…


XBL: RicanHeat112
East Coast
Main Teams: Zero/dorm/akuma and Zero/doom/ Spencer
rank: 9th ranger
Skill: I’m decent, but I’m mostly trying to learn both doom and spencer right now. possibly for Umvc 3.


Xbox 360 Gamertag: Faded Bulletzz
Region: Tampa, Florida
Main Team: Zero, Viper, [S]Sentinel/Taskmaster([/S]Vergil)
Alt Team: Spiderman, Viper, Sentinel
Rank: 8th judge(Stopped playing ranked due to RQ’s and lag issues)
Skill: Average/Above Average

Rarely on these days because of School, but when I’m on, I stay on for Hours at a time :rofl:


XBL gamertag: Kingviktaunius3
Region Detroit, MI
Main Team Thor/Hulk/Dormammu
Alt Team: She Hulk/Thor/Dormammu
Rank: Fighter, I dont play ranked matches
Skill: Pretty Decent

Online all the time usually watching movies you send me an invite and I will accept and Play.