MvC3 & UMvC3 Match Making/Request Thread


360GT: swiperdafox313
region: MI
team: wesker/doom/dorm
rank: amateur but i rarely play ranked and i prefer marvel offline but i’ll play online with a good connection


PSN ID - RadRed
Region - East Coast / MD
1st Team - Viewtiful Joe / Amaterasu / Chris Redfield
2nd Team - Rocket Raccoon / Chris Redfield / Dr. Doom
Rank - Beginner. Hahaha.
Skill - I think I’m alright with my main team at least. My Dr. Doom and Rocket Raccoon are still kind of in the early stages.


PSN - R3kkuchi
East Coast
Primary: Tron / Dormammu / Dr. Doom
Secondary: Trish / Wesker / Magneto
Rank - 9th Ranger
Skill - I’d say I’m decent, but I seldom get a chance to play people who are skilled at the game outside of netplay, and that’s so inconsistent I regularly get beat by stupid shit, so I’ve by and large stopped trying

I just posted this in the General thread, but I figured I’d throw it here too, I just got my trophy for clearing Mission Mode and now all I need is to fight someone of 1st class ranking and I’ll get this game’s Platinum Trophy. Anyone who’d be willing to help me out (a.k.a. beat my ass) that’d be awesomesauce…


XBL: RicanHeat112
East Coast
Main Teams: Zero/dorm/akuma and Zero/doom/ Spencer
rank: 9th ranger
Skill: I’m decent, but I’m mostly trying to learn both doom and spencer right now. possibly for Umvc 3.


Xbox 360 Gamertag: Faded Bulletzz
Region: Tampa, Florida
Main Team: Zero, Viper, [S]Sentinel/Taskmaster([/S]Vergil)
Alt Team: Spiderman, Viper, Sentinel
Rank: 8th judge(Stopped playing ranked due to RQ’s and lag issues)
Skill: Average/Above Average

Rarely on these days because of School, but when I’m on, I stay on for Hours at a time :rofl:


XBL gamertag: Kingviktaunius3
Region Detroit, MI
Main Team Thor/Hulk/Dormammu
Alt Team: She Hulk/Thor/Dormammu
Rank: Fighter, I dont play ranked matches
Skill: Pretty Decent

Online all the time usually watching movies you send me an invite and I will accept and Play.


While i’m no 1st Lord or so, I’d play ya.

UPDATE: I just moved my PS3 into my dormitory room so I will now be playing any time from 1PM onwards during the weekdays.


Well actually I managed to get my trophy completely by accident the other day. I entered a Ranked search, got sidetracked and went into my kitchen to make lunch and forgot about it, I come back and a first lord had apparently whooped my ass in that spam of time and I got my platinum in less than 20 minutes, lol.

Definitely dude, I’m always down to play new people in Marvel, it’s the only thing that really keeps it interesting at this point imo…


I’d be down to play a round, but I’m with you; it’s been a while since something in MvC3 got my blood pumping. All I feel these days is salt from being stuck in the corner all day and then the occasional pity for kicking someone’s ass so hard they rematch until they get a random win and taunt until they can exit the match.


the classic :lol:


Ace, you’re the donut to my banana. If only I had an Xbox… :frowning:


And your the pie to my enchilada broseph…i dont think you would want to play me though i would troll you with Wesker X3 :lol:


Too bad you’re on Xbox man, your main team is the same as mine! I don’t play ranked either…Hulk/Thor/Dormammu is a terrible team assuming your opponent knows what they’re doing, but I can’t play anyone else. :frowning:


that happens to me all of the time, So fucking dumb lol. The other day i played a guy who lost to me nearly 30 games in a row. I picked random select and he got a win and left. Afterwards he said to me “Learn to play the game scrub” Who loses 30 games in a row and then tells someone to learn how to play the game =\


Maaaaaaan, I don’t always play low tier… Sometimes I pick Viper and lose too.


Wow it’s been a long time since i posted here. NE wayz my xbox GT is jy0 just like my name here the 0 is a zero if you can’t tell. I roll dante trish wesker or thor doom wesker (sometimes super skrull for giggles) i’m only a 9th lord cuz i’ve only played 20 ranked matches. (netcode isn’t worth the rage it induces) always up for friendly games or to help pple out like i used to with Guy in ssf4. hmmm… feels good to be back! I’m only on in the evening (eastern TZ) usually after 8 or 9 after the kids are in bed.

why does it say new member? must go by number of posts
and where’s my dang avatar?!?!? been away too long i guess


I’m just now starting to play mvc3 after playing sf4 for forever. I’m looking for someone willing to run some matches with me so I can learn the game a bit. Truth be told I’m god awful right now. The only decent combo I know is dooms Buktooth loop. I play on xbl gamertag is iamthecory434. Add me if you’re willing to deal with my extreme scrubbery.


GGs man. XF + Dorm was scary as hell. .__.


Yea my win ratio is like 54% but out of like 2k matches Ive used thor 1973 times im sure if i ran other characters my record would look better but I have fun with it.


Any1 up for some matches right now? Sick of searching for opponents.

GT= Mo0n_Knight