MVC3 - unfinished game sold at full price


the game fails at basic functionality, yet Capcom has the nerve to charge more than full price (considering the on-disk DLC) for basically an unfinished product that was allegedly in development before (Super) Street Fighter4.

really… if you don’t stand as a community on this matter, not only will the game die online (since it’s barely functional with no spectating), but we’ll get the same story repeated with future games.

we need to be clear on a few things that make or break a fighting game.

let’s break it down by what MVC3 lacks:

  • no spectating
  • no replays
  • no online training mode (how hard is it to do this??)
  • no comprehensive tutorials for such a complex free form game (that barren Mission Mode barely counts)
  • no connection quality indicator (extremely funny that you include a lag simulator option in Training Mode, but you can’t even “use” it, i guess)
  • the same old complicated way of assigning buttons
  • no rematch button in 2 player lobbies (to avoid reselecting and staying through loading screen over and over).

i don’t even want to address the bugs/issues the game has, just the lack of features.

this is the last game in need of on-disk DLC! they wasted time with Shadow mode DLC when an online training mode would’ve been a lot more useful and fun. Capcom needs to set their priorities straight!

now, how do we get our voices heard? you get drowned mostly in nonsense within the Capcom Unity forums, unless we make a thread constantly upped to the first page. can someone with authority in the community write a concise, eloquent text of our dissatisfaction with MVC3 that we can support?



They have THE NERVE. lol.


Spectator mode is definitely a nice things to have, but it* hardly* is the defining factor in whether a game’s online component is good or bad.


True, the online has bigger problems mainly the worst netcode i’ve seen in a while for such a major title and the terrible matchmaking and various connectivity issues.


I have to admit, when my internet connection is at peak efficiency, I have very smooth matches. I have no complaints about that. And I find matches very quickly through fight request. But some people are having truly atrocious experiences, so those must be addressed.


I agree. Spectator mode would be nice but I believe connecting on ranked matches should be corrected. It sometimes takes me 5-10 min to get into a match finally. It is really irritating sometimes.


I’m with OP. This is unbelievable. I need spectator mode or this game is going to die really fast for me. Capcom needs to add it in soon.

PS: I really cant even begin to tell you how much this is hurting the game for me. I paid $60, I expect something as simple as well as necessary to be put into the game. STILL MAD



I don’t know what all the fuss over online training mode is about

it’d be 30 minutes of “dude let me practice my fucking combo stop jumping like an olympic hurdler you son of a bitch”, just go offline and go to the danger room alone


Also its already been stated that spectator mode will not effect netplay whatsoever, so hope off that bullshit bandwagon.


You like how they announce DLC for specific characters before game launches, one of which is ready on the disc?

Because that’s the part that let me know this was a rushed product. The core gameplay was obviously a priority, and for the most part that much is fine (all X factor should last as much as level 1 does now; level 3 xfac is a friggin joke), but the rest is rather lackluster. But I don’t really feel robbed of 60 dollars. The gameplay is fine for the most part (xfac needs to be toned the f**k down), and had they released the game when it was ready it would have been 2 months from now. I wanted marvel last year.


you can teach/show people stuff, you can try complex setups with competent people…

even if you only goof around, it still beats those 5 minutes versus stupid/boring AI with a custom team and a name.


lol sorry just had to point and laugh at this.

You would have to be a fool if you actually believe shadow mode took time to create.


so, programming an AI just happens instantly, now, does it?


MvC3 has training mode and offline versus mode. Ergo, it’s finished in my eyes and totally worth the price.


While I do agree that the online components leave a lot to be desired, there’s DLC and patches coming out further down the line so what’s the point in complaining if they can just fix it? As long as Capcom knows what needs to be done, we’re golden.


Online components of the game can be upgraded over time. It’s nothing to complain about. For people who play offline, the game is complete. That is pretty much reason enough to release the game for 60 bucks. You’re shocked about this now, but for MMO players like me, it’s just the norm.


You talk as if the game is that good, well it’s not. I only got it because of how popular it is to some people and nothing else was out that I was interested in.

Also, there is less content in this half baked game because there isn’t going to be a Super MvC3 version. Yet feel free to shove more costumes and two characters down or just wait until MK9 like I am, or I guess you could try PC games or get Bullet Storm right now, can’t really tell if that game is great or ok.


Yes. Input employee’s 3 characters with chosen colors, and set to one of the games 5 difficulty modes. lol

It’s nice to know there are still some gullible people left.

Niggas are working overtime to capture the essense of Nitsuma-san for his AI. :lol:


You’re right, they might patch it. But there’s clearly no guarantee that they will, and certainly trying to make noise about it can’t hurt. though the OP’s title is a tad melodramatic.


Read the damn NEWS. There was an interview stating that there would be technical issues with implementing spectator mode. We are all assuming that means they are not going to, which is the obvious thing to believe. We all know there excuse is bullshit and I and many others severely want it or this game is going to die fast for a lot of us.