MvC3 Using New Button Layout


So I just found out MvC3 is only going to be using a 3 button layout, not the traditional 6 button layout. This kinda sucks cus I just bought a SF4 Fight Stick in anticipation of this game. Any word on if these Sticks will still be a good fit for MvC3??


They should be just fine. Just re-map your buttons when it comes out. But where did you hear of three-button layout? I haven’t honestly been keeping up with marvel, because I want to just see the finished product instead of getting overly hype about it.


Marvel vs Capcom 3 retail will let you customize your button layout. I remember hearing about being able to use the MvC2 layout which is awesome.

Also it’s four button iirc not three, just like JoJo.


weak med strong
launch ass1 ass2


I’ve heard Three, I’ve heard Four, I’ve heard Six. I don’t even know what it will be. This is why I don’t keep up with it. I just want to wait and see.

But regardless, you’ll just be able to map your buttons to how you like. So a SF4 stick will work just fine.


^ This

it’s not a 3 button game, you’re fine with your TE


Use controller type B if you have a SFIV FightStick from Mad Catz.


It is six buttons, w,m,h,e,a1,a2 it was always six since the game was announced

some common sense and all those tons of videos posted would’ve given that away.


3 attack buttons != 3-button layout.



it’s 6 button. Your joystick is kosher.


<-- Salty they didn’t put in the button assignment/check thing at the character select that BlazBlue had.




Same here. I guess it just made too much sense.

But yes, to the OP: your stick will be just fine.


With the Demo Builds they have been doing with the MvC sticks, I though that the layout went like:
(with respect to the first 6 Vewlix Layout)


  a b c 
e a1 a2 


So what’s the official naming convention?

From various sources I’ve heard the following terms:

[]Assist 1 and Assist 2 (obviously)
]A, B, C (Seems like a GG/Blaz Blue background)
[]Light Attack, Mid Attack, Heavy(or Hard) Attack
]Exchange Button
[]Special Button
]Launcher Button


It’s still six buttons.

I don’t think Capcom has ever done a 3 button fighter. Even JoJo’s and TvC has 4 button layouts.


Pocket Fighter would like a word with you :slight_smile:


Still technically 4 buttons (punch, kick, special, taunt).