MvC3: Which character is better?

I can’t decide who to pick between these two on my team.

She Hulk and Amaterasu.

Okay, I know I should just “pick whoever fits my playstyle” but I like them both equally.

Who would be better with a team of Morrigan and Dormammu?

I think that comes down to your playstyle in the end. It depends on how you plan to go at an opponent. For example, are you going to play keepaway or rushdown game? If you want to play keepaway, then both Amaterasu and Dormammu are good, though Amaterasu is pretty versatile, so she could be rush down and compliment She Hulk and Morrigan.

Amaterasu is a better choice.

How so…

IDK. . .I really like She-Hulks torpedo assist (sick high/low mixups and combo extends?), her ability to cancel things with a runner’s start. . . I like her, but you should really just keep playing the game until you find out for yourself.

My team is Thor, She-Hulk, and Ryu right now btw

Isn’t She Hulk a grappler and Amaterasu a rush down?

Pick whichever one goes better with the rest of your team. ie. choose the one whose assists can make up for your team’s weakness, or the one whose super can combo from with the rest of your team via DHC.


Amaterasu has the better assist and DHC ability and seems to be a stronger character in general.

I’d use She-Hulk over Amaterasu if you are planning to play Morrigan as a rush-down character. If you instead plan to zone, I’d go with Amaterasu over She-Hulk.

She-Hulk’s low-hitting assist will work well with Morrigan’s overheads to make unblockable rush-downs. On the other hand, you could keep away and chip much better with Amaterasu’s Cold Star assist. It just depends.