MvC3 with hitbox

I just finished building my hitbox. The one problem I keep having, when I try to do a 1/4 circle I end up dragging my fingers and do a dragon punch instead.

I’ve never played on a hitbox but I’m sure that it’s probably going to take a little bit to get used to it execution-wise, similar to a transition from pad to stick. I’d be real interested to hear what you have to say about it a few weeks from now though, as I am considering getting a hitbox too.

When I first learned stick I would practice motions. 10x qcf one side (10 successful), 10x qcf the other side. 10x DP one side, 10x DP the other side. etc. And now recently I’ve become a beast at double qcf motions cuz of 3S. Before I was super sloppy with them, but now I get them fast and good.

Basically just do drills until you have them like second nature. In a week or two of 30 min practices you won’t even think about the motions.

I ended up making one because unless I misread, they didn’t have them form 360, plus it was close to $160. So I was able to get a controller for $25 and buttons for $35, but I burnt the first PCB and had to get another one, plus all the extra tools I bought. So I ended up spending more to make it, than to buy it.
So I’m trying to learn a different game and controller.