Hey does anyone have a link to that April Fool’s prank of Marvel vs Capcom 3? I was wanting to prank someone with it. It actually looks convincing at first:wgrin:

To all those that missed it too bad it was cool

should be fuckin banned for this dumb shit

The legend will never die.

I want my Dante/Thor/Zero team, Capcom!:mad:

That’ll never beat my Leon/Phoenix Wright/Darwin team :looney:

Sounds like a challenge:nunchuck:

You on, boi!

But yeah, this thread should become a “who has the craziest MVC3 team?” thread.

In which case you’ve just gotta break out the Phoenix Wright/Sean/Raccoon Girl team.

Dude Nintendo vs Capcom is comming out in 2008.

My Squirtle, Dante, Bowser team is god tier.

My Monster Hunter Lao-Shan Lung, Carnage, and Ingrid will kill.

Pfff, screw it. I’ll just pick Squirrel Girl and destroy you all1!1!

Well, we already know that she can pull off a bullshit win off against the Thanos/Doom/Deadpool team…

This is what I’ll do. First I send out Ingrid, do some BnB’s, then call in Sep assist for lock, and Ronin Chaos assist for B& hammer.

That’s it. Somebody break out MUGEN.

We’re making this frickin game.

Squirrel Fury DHC to Hail Storm= Too Broken.

whoa whats the big deal? Nostalgic is all:arazz:

Mugen fo sho tho haha:rofl:

Ada Wong/ Pym Thor/ Frank West will rape you all

Gene from God Hand ftw.

Oh holy damn~ :rofl:

I see much potential here.

That’s alot of modding.