MvC3's zoning and you (read: me)!


Whether this has been brought up before, then I apologize in advance :x

Ok so my tentative team is Deadpool (katana)/Trish (trap)/Chun (legs) and I’m having a lot of trouble with facing zoning characters. Coming from SSF4, I was pretty used to having every projectile canceling any other out but with MvC3’s projectile clashing system, I’m having a hard time trying to get in on characters who have a superior projectile to Deadpool’s guns and Trish’s low voltage. A specific example is my friend uses a team of Taskmaster/Ammy/Doom. Ammy isn’t that much of a threat to me but his Taskmaster/Doom combo-usage gets me and shuts me out really hard. He constantly jumps back and does Aim Master while simultaneously calling Doom’s Hidden Missiles. What can I do to get around something like this as well as getting close to other characters with crazy good projectiles?

I’m well aware that I suck at this game and sometimes it’s just a matter of dealing with it, but it’s nice to know some potential strats so far.


If he is doing Aim Master M and calling Doom assist, then he has little control over the bottom and top of the screen. Fast projectiles/beams like Aim Master, Plasma Beam, Sentinel Beams, or Unibeam should be able to slip past/around Aim Master and nail Doom. Eventually he’ll figure the trade (if any) is not worth it and stop calling Doom.

Alternatively you can try to advance from super jump height (about three character heights up) and air dash downforward, this will force Taskmaster to either super jump to try to meet you with Aim Master, change to Aim Master L, or start using ground Aim Master, either way you force him to open up and give you new areas to mount an offensive from.

Dealing with Hidden Missiles usually involves punishing the Doom assist or stopping it cold (and making the most of the time the opponent is afraid to call Doom), while also keeping your attack strings short or incorporating as much horizontal movement as possible to avoid being nailed by those missiles that do get through.

I know nobody likes to hear this, but some teams are simply incapable of working under these rules that Hidden Missiles puts on them, and you should maybe consider finding new teammates specifically to deal with Hidden Missiles (who knows, you may end up liking this new team more!)

That’s my take on it, anyway. Could be totally wrong.


Thanks for the advice! Was honestly considering a replacement for Chun. I love her legs assist, but I’m not very good at using it, nor am I very good at using Chun myself (which is weird because she’s my main in SF4) so I might have Iron Man or someone with an assist that can work around zoning like this. My team still isn’t set in stone either, so I might even try a new team like you suggested!

Again, thanks c: I really didn’t think about super jumping and the lack of control in the bottom of the screen. Marvel is a completely different world for me since I mainly played SF4. I appreciate the time that it took you to write that up!


It is a good idea to use different assist characters for different matchups. Lightning legs would be great for some, but in a matchup like this you’d be better off with a beam (IronMan, Doom, MODOK, Magneto, etc.) or good projectile (Arthur, Sent, Taskmaster, etc.) assist.

What I would probably do in your situation is try to stock up two meters and wait for him to make a bad doom call. Watch for it, and once he does, super with deadpool/trish and DHC into the other. Preferably before the missiles come out. This should do 60%-70% to Doom if Taskmaster gets hit, 80%-100% if Taskmaster blocks. If you do land it and Doom has alot of red life to recover, consider snapping him in the first chance you get, causing him to lose it all and giving you a chance to stop hidden missiles in its tracks. In fact, snapping in Doom whenever you get the chance is a good idea when you’re against a team that relies on him (this goes for any good assist character, really).

When you snap a character in there’s a lengthy period where they can’t switch out again. Get the feel for how long this period lasts, because once it’s up most people tend to switch out immediately. If you’re prepared for this you can punish the incoming character and even combo into another snapback.