MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special


MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th

Doctor Strange is OD.


**As far as the DLC characters go, at least for Sony the characters show up on the select screen, but they MUST BE DOWNLOADED MANUALLY from the PS Store (even if you’ve already bought the character pass). **Can find it in the main menu for the game in the Playstation Store menu option (last option below the SETTINGS option). Will likely be available within the next 12 hours

I would imagine for Steam it’s similar (if somebody like @OceanMachine can confirm). Hold on to your butts for some web slinging action.


I have confirmation from a friend that they are out on UK PSN.


Oh shit new thread.

I’ll check if the DLC are out once I’m home. Widow hype!


I’m dumb. Capcom you are the best.



is venom live yet? How much are characters individually anyway?


The characters are out. Time to check the synergy with Ryu.


All the DLC characters are live bro. Venom is a LOT of fun by the way. Not sure about their individual passes, I bought the season pass. :slight_smile:


I didn’t get to say my farewells. Why you do this @“DevilJin 01”

Oh characters out one sec.

Lol i thought carnage was announced fuck you


Stayed up all damn night waiting for the dlc and now that it’s 9 in te fucking morning in giving up. Which means ill sleep til the evening tmrw essentially playing them much later than I hoped because I was trying to play them early.


all of them as playable chars please, thx :coffee:


Hey guys I’ve got a joke for you.

Steam DLC.


Sticky that ps store updates between 2-7 pm est. Every time dlc comes around you guys trick yourselves.




In an ideal world I want main all the 3 characters so bad but I main quite a good amount of characters already :x

I think I can make them secondaries at least (WS is for sure a main to me though).


Guess I’m really going to run spidey and venom as a main team.

I’m so basic.

I also really want as close to a pure keep away or trap team as possible without the use of RR.


that team sounds oppressive as fuk to be honest. especially with spiderman always “COMIN AT YA!” loops. venom just adds to the pressure more. tag system is really something


im gonna rock this team too hehe


After trying out the patch last night I can confirm that team Ultron/Dante is still cheap as hell lol.

Besides jet stream nerf, the most noticeable nerf was the damage scaling nerf to dante’s Starting a combo with causes the rest of the combo to scale worse than starting with a light attack. Still able to break 5k meterless so not much of an issue.


Best post to open the thread.

Long live Venom