MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special



Can’t agree with anyone now.


What does ciscolous mean?


I told you all.

I was unbanned for the sake of saving this site. No money, no pm’s, no polls, no petitions on earth could have stopped the asteroid that was coming towards this site. Only the Greatest Poster could. In just 2 days of my return i have brought salvation and rejuvenation to SRK and now this site is saved.

I demand all the thanks because all of you know that i am the one who can make SRK great again.

As for this game, i will play a little bit of it so i can make some strats that will inspire future players so that this game will not die too.


Umm…what the hell is fishjielous and ciscolous?


Real talk, after watching one to many Dante matches I have to say, if I see any Dante trying to say any characters overpowered they are frauds, Cloud included. All of them fish for rain storm confirms almost every chance they get. I’m sorry you don’t get to complain about other characters while playing Dante when you do rain storm hoping it crosses up 10 times per match.


I as a Dante player have said this many times. I picked up Dante AFTER the nerfs and don’t see how anyone doesn’t think Dante is still #1. I mean there’s not one thing he can’t do. Confirms for days, a million projectiles, reach with any normal/move, best 1 bar hyper, best lockdown, etc. For the record I still believe reality stone is the best also.


It’s for the GD trash


Reality storm the best? Well you can’t be right all the time.
Almost stopped playing the game for a bit, but started having fun with Brand/MH.
It’s kind of what Marvel does as a long time player, pisses you off, may even bore you
then you’re like…let me try this. Went back to Space Stone and I’m much happier.

If there were a couple of minor Universal things I’d change about this game:

Screen freeze input lag
Improved throw utility, say allow tag during throw, I guess comboing after throw for only certain characters makes them unique, but some characters do it all. (which I guess is unique)
Kill the invincibility on incoming active switch. (So that shit won’t go through projectiles, granted I think part of this is due to the fact that projectiles exist off screen)
Little impartial on chicken blocking, but if throws were improved I wouldn’t hate on it returning.
Let someone choose which side they want to counter switch in. (I know this would drastically change how we play. I’m all for more neutral personally.)

2 cents.


Dante is still top 1


It’s official for me now. Top spec computer, gaming monitor, and yea, I’m disappointed. Those MH combos I couldn’t do before? Played at my boys spot on the PS4 and got that shit in minutes.

You heard it hear boys there’s something fundamentally different in combo timing on PC it’s hella stricter. Makes me sad.




Depends what Xbox stick you’re using, the Hori sticks have 14ms of lag, where as the TE2+ only has 2.5ms of lag. Lag will vary depending on how well your stick drivers work with Windows, the most optimal way to play on Windows would be with a wired 360 or wired XBO stick/controller as they’re designed to directly interface with Windows, as opposed to other 3rd party PCB’s that are not, like Madcatz, etc. I’d imagine the best route would be a custom PS360+ PCB, as it’s the fastest and most compatible PCB on the market.


Ahhh got it, so stick lag too eh. Gotta love it. I’m on a Qanba. Seriously though, not getting another stick just in case it’s the same shit LOL
So did some research, drivers, made adjustments in steam and eureka. I’m doing shit on PC too. Guess shit isn’t so plug and play.


I went awol after the final full release details for Infinite came out, as there was nothing than was my personal taste in the game and I didn’t want to be in this forum bashing Infinite unduly, especially when I’m not playing the game.

But then @Intuitive2011 showed me this:

Is the site alright?

I’m still seeing Dante complaints. I thought he got balanced after the update?

  • ***Thank You @Cisco *** crowd chant.


I think Dante is within top 5 to 7 still, but no longer think he’s clear number 1 after nerfs. Million dollars being escapable after flash and going down to 9k health puts him in an ambiguous situation tier wise immediately for me.


Top 5 for me in no order would be, raccoon, zero, dorm, nova, Dante

Jedah and gamora would be 6 and 7


Yeah as far as overall play and account for use on point, that’s probably about what top 7 is for me also.

Strider is getting pretty close for me now too. If he had a grounded invincible super top 5 for sure. I think his airborne super is invincible though so that’s not bad.


Yea strider has some cheap stuff. Would probably put strider, firebrand, ultron for 8 9 and 10 slot


Dante’s main “weakness” is vs faster characters, though he does outrange them anyway. Having to go against someone like Spider Man could be a problem, as web zip gives no fucks about his projectiles or normals.


That’s pretty much everybodies weakness who doesn’t have a get the fuck off me button.