MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special


Eventhough we’ve been talking a while about this, i still can’t understand why MVCI isn’t at evo. I don’t get why JWONG or anybody won’t say anything about it or against it; why won’t they play it? The gameplay is not as bad and would probably be more exciting to watch than what we have at evo now.

What gives?


The gameplay have a respect. But the roster inclusions however… like certain X-Men such as Wolverine & Sentinel mostly, even Akuma & Wesker, something the EP1 Storyline lack of.


Why would anyone care about ep1 storyline?


Gameplay is amazing, not not as bad. Much better than most that are going to evo, which is shitty.


Also what’s riduculous is the devs not saying anything. I mean from the start it looked like they WANTED this game to fail, wtf man?


been taking a few days to avoid all the “no marvel at evo” or “marvels dead” business. I was wondering besides Jako Man is there any other YouTube or twitch streamers that I should be following?


Well, if anything, Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution didn’t make it to Evolution 2005 either.


Yeah, I’m going to start some drama and keep a regular Marvel Stream popping soon. I’ll post up and become one of the brave in the next week.
Just getting the branding taken care of. I genuinely like this game even though it sucks. I know sounds ridiculous but it’s the only fighter with my
dragon scales.


The lobby was great!

MVCI started at around the 1 hour mark.


Well… Good thing this is good news


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Couldn’t find your lobby ha, post the code next time.


I’m not the TO, you’ll need to actually go into the twitch chat next time and request that you want in.


Man, there was this Arthur/ Strange timestone team that trolled me hard. I was using Hawkeye/ BP power and he would kill my BP and then run the time out. Leveled up my Hawkeye/ X mindstone team and proceeded to punish raw teleports, block covered teleport mix-ups, and win 2-1. I love this game!


Funny, I think I’ve run into that guy before.


Would he do raw level 3’s with Arthur followed by a tag-in with Strange and then constant Timestone/Teleport spam to cross you up while Arthurs level 3 was still going on? If so I think I played against him too. :lol:


I am guessing the guy your talking about is on the ps4 network and is between 10th to 8th rank. If that is the case then I fought him a while back.


So it’s about time we did an MvCI SRK Round Robin with my steam heads. We got who?

Who else?


We could round up SCMike, Emily Lux, and a couple other people from the other Discord I reckon.

Just not this week please. Apart from Lag Stone taking place this weekend I’m going to be at Xanadu.


Damn fighting games on PC be gasping for air lol! I wonder how these numbers would look on PS4. The culling of DBFZ’s casual population is insane. 10K players to 3K? Wow.