MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special


“Game is dead let it go” yet dudes still play CVS2 even when Downback Blanka, Bipson the God, and Sagat Meme Punch are all present. An update would be cool but there’s still way too much stuff in MVCI to do and figure out before we can call it a solved game.


Regardless, we deserve to be told something by capcom. You can’t just leave fans like that, especially fans that followed and supported your products for more than a decade.


“This is the nearly the only game where it COULD come back from nothing. That’s what Marvel does. I’ve seen 2 marvel games (3 and MVCI) that came when people said there would be near no way of it happening”

But this was before the whole MCU evolution. Marvel is a different company now than when 3 came out and infinite was an obvious advertisement to their movies.

We need Capcom to explain themselves here, tell us if this game is really finished or not.


3 was advertisement already. Hawkeye, Strange, Dormammu, Rocket Raccoon, Iron Fist.


Just avoid leakers doing multiple leaks at a time It’s good for you, not to stress much because of frustration. And yes it is true petitions not gonna do much.


the thing is…no matter what they do its most likely not going to work out well for them.
the first impression always matter and to regain interest in a new version of mcvi or the game itself
there is more needed then just the xmen. dbfz will be still there and the presentation/visualls is still something they have to come close to, for the casuals to start to care and i doubt that capcom put the resource in it to enhance it that much…epsecially in the short timeframe.


Capcom asks Mickey Mouse to quell DBFZ’s World Tour via mafia tactics. Done.

anyway here’s a braindead ToD with two characters no one uses via Real Honest Fighting.


If casuals wanna bitch about shading rather than play the most fun, shockingly balanced Marvel game in maybe ever than that’s their problem. I’m only concerned with what the core base needs.

…And we need that update.


the core base would have needed capcom to actually support the game from day one with a little tournament series, even when its just in the us. even arc sys has bbctb now in its tour…

is there even a core base left? steam numbers are extremely low, i guess its nearly the same for ps4?
what exactly do you hope to get with a possible update?

  • Release of planned Season 2 characters (or any character that can be ship ready in a reasonable timeframe). Ideally to even out the roster, even Capcom and Marvel sides.
  • Pair Play.

Don’t care about who the characters are and never cared about visuals.


Isn’t that what Battle for the Stones was?


That would be good for you, but people want a revision so the game will come back from the dead. For you, and some people, the game was never dead to begin with.


That’s probably because the post-09 crowd stakes the life of a game on how much it pulls on streams or how many entrants sign up for EVO. I do not care about its mainstream appeal; where I’m hoping for some full relaunch of some sort. That’s not my problem as a gamer.

And honestly, we’d probably have S2 if the FGC weren’t being uber political with the game. It launched during a period where it was hip to hate Capcom because SFV was still recovering and in the greater gamersphere there’s this wave of pushing back against game makers for issues (valid or not). I’ve seen it happen already with SFxT so when Eventhubs is feeding the rabble with articles about Chun’s fucking face - I knew what time it was.

And just like SFxT I’m not interested in a relaunch or a visual pass or whatever. That 2013 balance refresh was all the dedicated wanted and they delivered. It’s the same with MvCi; we know you have either near or fully functional characters just sitting there. Wave 2 costumes just sitting there.

Just drop them, take my money, and we’re good. I don’t need a season 3 or X-Men or anything. At this point it’s almost a matter of principle for me.


That’s the nature of the beast. This is the environment that games are now involved in. Stream numbers mean more eyes on that product which in turn means more potential buyers. It’s strictly a numbers thing.

Uber political? It launched poorly and deservedly got backlash. Same with SF5. It has nothing to do with it being the “cool thing” to hate on Capcom. We’ve seen that when Capcom makes the right move, they get their praise. When they fuck up, they feel the wrath. When you have a series of missteps, there will be many that are opposed to buying into Capcom’s agenda.

I’d rather NOTHING at all than to torture the fanbase with a season 2. That would just be sick and twisted. I already see how the fanbase reacts at baseless leaker claims. Could you imagine the years following assuming a Season 2 comes out? They’d never stop falling into the bait. I’d rather the fans settle on what they have now and for Capcom to move onto bigger and better things. That would be best for both parties.


Stylistic choice as a justification to MVCi success against DBFZ is a poor analogy. The same as pitting MVCi to DBZF is a bad decision making.

Avoid pitting MVCi towards DBZF it’s a bad idea to begin with especially with visual concerns that is out of the league in the current situation of Capcom Technology.

The only thing that an MVCi expansion can be succesfull emerge or gain back its followers is reinventing it’s system team building decision making like UMVC3 or MVC2 games it had in the past. Not as a 3v3 but bringing back the decision making and consequences in the core of team building. The greatest mistake of MVCi is ditching assist which is the most favorable mechanic in team building structure. Even TVC has that in there core mechanic.

The best thing to do is for Capcom to best the “experience” that other current FG mainstream did rather than competing against them by reflecting their core mechanics.

Even adding additional casual mode will not salvage it because it already got the essentials intact, that makes it work and worth the price tag package, the problem was the essence of team building losing assist that is a very fundamental of the series in favor of a more fancier loosely mechanic.


with all the special rules and the short timeframe i would say it was more of a promo tourney tour then a serious one which actually caters to the “pros”. i think it wasnt even streamed on the capcom fighters channel but i might be wrong about that one.



The team building piece in MVCI is structured around the Stone System and how well characters can coexist with it, either using it as a surge (an assist in other words) or as a storm. There are absolutely team building elements in MVCI but they function more in line with Grooves in CVS2, where the team you pick has to fall in line with the Groove you pick. For example, a Morrigan without a run is going to be severely limited, while others need some sort of roll to help their movement, or having an air block while others don’t need one.

In MVCI, it’s a similar deal

Power = KOF Knockback, also very helpful for characters who lack Get Off Me moves otherwise. I use Power with Hawkeye as a ghetto Flash Kick to help deter people from going in too heavy.

Space = Tager Lure. Apart from the box being really good to close out matches, if you catch someone whiffing buttons with the lure they are gonna get grappled by those who have moves like that. Plus it helps characters reset neutral against characters who rely on lunging forward for Active Switch mixups.

Time = CVS2 Roll, and Storm of course is A-groove

Soul = your standard leech move, the function of the Storm is not only to give you a second breath but also has elements of MVC1’s Duo Team Attack. Of course you could still get Happy Birthday’d, and that’s why you want to structure your team around this stone so that they can maintain constant offense and prevent from getting happy birthday’d by opening up the other guy first.

Reality = The homing attack got nerfed like crazy but once that thing is out, people have to respect it. If they get hit by it, the stun is just long enough for it to start a combo, and there are incoming mixups from it that are effective especially if the opponent just lost a partner. Reality is the “Stop what you’re doing and notice me” stone.

Mind = Scum Gale only much easier to combo off of. Like Scum Gale it requires the opponent to hold still, which in MVCI can be a chore if you’re not staggering your block strings correctly, or they like going into the air a lot. You can still use it in the air as an air throw but it’s not as fast as things like Haggar’s backdrop. The Storm would be amazing if the meter recharge was faster but meter is so precious in thsi game compared to UMVC3 that i’ts a delicate procedure. Right now it’s the least used stone but there are those who can make it work, namely those who have Lv 3s that don’t go into cutscene when they hit like Chris or Hulk.


For me MVCi as a casual package is alright, because of the modes is already worth it, unlike SFV retail package.

I don’t think MVCi needs more casual stuff, because it already had what it needed. The problems here is it needs something for it’s followers to play it, while not being UMVC3, MVC2 and DBZF at the same time.

MVCi’s infinity storm is no doubt it’s greatest asset compare to Baroque and XFactor. It needs to be salvage in later MVC like games.


I’ll give you that. Infinity Storm is a very cool and well implemented concept. A few tweaks that can be done here and there to perfect it but I hope to see it in future games, assuming we get future games.