MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special


No one expected DBFZ would happen, to be fair in MVC case. No one expected that Namco would colaborate with arcys. NO one have pictured a DBFZ that would have the team mechnic and gameplay as near as a Mahvel game. NO one thought of a direct competition to happen against Mavhel. No one thought that Mahvel will change a bit of it’s gameplay not to worst but tries to do diferent.

If there was no DBFZ, Mahvel would still reign.


I like the freetag system. Yet I like assist more than surge.

I see no problem for freetag system with assist both in one game someday. IMHO.


Personally, I love the free tag system so much more for two main reasons:

  1. Combos feel much more fluid and innovative in this game. Sure there are still basic BnBs, but being able to freely switch (along with the damage mechanics) makes it easier and more interesting to adapt if needed.
  2. You have to be able to use both characters, rather than just picking a good assist to compliment your point.

“Reign” is probably too strong a term, considering the many other problems this game has. However, I do agree that if DBFZ wasn’t a thing, Infinite would have had more of a chance.


Yeah this.

The assist mechanic was good for its time, but it got really old how some characters were only relevant because of their assist and characters without top tier point value or a decent assist became irrelevant in the meta.

Assist system felt like a jigsaw puzzle game where you were trying to make the best picture you could, given pieces with pre defined “shapes”.

But active switch was a mechanic that truly let you built whatever dream team you wanted.


Actually it wasn’t just a chance? What kind of game can hurt MVCi without DBFZ that exist in the current mainstream? Actually none in the current mainstreams that has similar FG genre titles. MVCi because of art style, lack of xmen or dlc and gameplay wouldn’t make it in the bottom of everything. MVCi was better than the rest similar to it’s genre and target audience. DBFZ incorporate almost all the fundamentals that followers assumed to a Mahvel game and DBFZ had the most amazing graphics along with the most mainstream franchised.

Xrd with those graphics has been doing what DBFZ has been doing for a long time but Mahvel games and a like(MVC3) still has many followers so being in a direct competition is really the problem here not the aesthetic.

Most of the guys that populate the DBFZ community are from Mahvel not from Xenoverse or whatever DBZ fighter in the past, Correct me if I’m wrong if that also include Xrd fans but in a minimum.

Marvel is the current biggest franchise in the mainstream from comics nothing can toe to toe against it to popularity not even the current DC. So having the biggest franchise in mainstream anime to pit against it is the best thing to get an attention.


Wait so does dbz have things that mvc had? Don’t really follow dbz but I’ve read that that community says they took nothing from marvel. But maybe it’s just a couple of people saying that.


It’s 3v3, has assist, Air combos, Triple Team supers and DHC but with Dragon Ball characters instead.

Those were flagship Mahvel franchise gameplay mechanics.


I definitely don’t want to get into a huge discussion on this based on your past interactions with zatalcon.

I agree that DBFZ is the biggest reason why MVCI failed as badly as it did, but the fact that Infinite had a lot of problems to begin with (roster, graphics, story, etc) didn’t do it any favors.
Even if FighterZ didn’t exist, I don’t think Infinite would be the most popular game like MvC2 and Ultimate were in their time. HOWEVER, it probably would still have been the king of team-based fighters.


I don’t think the story is an issue here, The story wasn’t bad and even it didn’t exist in the first place(I’m a story guy too). Yet the roster is indeed would be an obvious issue and undeniable for being mostly the same along without the rest it was with. But if they did a game with many different characters from the beginning it would have been different in approach. Yet it’s not enough to put it along the worst side of the current mainsteam FGs with similar genre.

As for the visuals to be specific and clear MVCi has more poly and details than MVC3, but it was the stylistic choice that cause it being unlikely compare to it’s modern predecessor TVC and UMVC3 that is both cell shaded. The fix MVCi Chun is better looking in detail standpoint than MVC3 Chun if were talking about facial sculpt of 3D models. Just to clear the misconception of it being accused of cheaply made compare to MVC3 in terms of visuals, I think the issue here was being rushed and no proper guidelines of what a chuns face should be that why they end up with that chuns face that they need to fix.


Blazblue Cross Tag battle kinda does that. You can call assists and switch places with them, or you can activate cross combo mode, that allows you to continuously use your partner assists and change places with him/her during a limited period of time.


I don’t agree about DBFZ being the biggest reason why MVCI failed. Even if DBFZ didn’t exist, MVCI would still fail and we would still be where we are now.

The reason why MVCI failed is because they didn’t care about making a successor of a long time franchise, it was just a digital ad for their movies ONLY, that’s it. Cuz, even though DBFZ beat MVCI at the beginning; MVCI could always improve the game if they wanted to.

DBFZ didn’t stop MVCI from getting in Evo; DBFZ didn’t stop Capcom/Marvel from supporting this game; DBFZ didn’t cause Marvel and Capcom to just go silent and ignore their fans like a bag of shit on the road.

If DBFZ came out the same time UMVC3 did, DBFZ would probably still get it’s hype but it wouldn’t have the same metagame; regardless, MVCI has a much better gameplay (IMO) than UMVC3 did. If MVCI just had actual care from it’s producers then it would be doing well by now.


Yup…if they would’ve cared more, we would’ve cared more

IDK about MVCI having better gameplay than ultimate tho


anything happened at NYCC?

That tweet Devil Jin showed last week, was it responded to?


so i figured, no. Nothing.
I wonder what that special kid that dragged me into two days of arguing with his dumb ass still thinks there is an honest/good reason why Marvel/Capcom just ditched the game and the fans in such a way that not even a reply to a tweet is something they care to do.


What the hell made anyone think Capcom was doing anything for this game at NYCC?


Hey man if I was a kid, Look at your post and also your past post and the way you blame and ignore others or make up imaginary statical data against Capcom. It’s like you’re describing yourself by accusing others.Your the one that drags me when others corrected you.

If someone with a decent mind would look up from the beginning of our argument and how I give the details and how people answered you properly, it shows you everything you are, you argue like a kid without true knowledge regarding software and game design.

I’m not saying it’s okay that they stop support in the game, In fact I never liked that they give up easily(seen frequently in my earlier comments) and I still believe that there would be hope(in someway) if there are people promoting and loving the game rather than hating Capcom or Marvel.

The thing I disagreed against you was accusing the game was made out of 80% corporate greed and people should stop supporting because it lacks xmen and doom right? And also believing that fighting games in the past were funded by Capcom CEO and stockholders for the sake of art. I corrected your expectation in the earlier comments saying this isn’t a passion project like you see on Kickstarter and indiegogo that is funded by fans solely. Those were major points of your argument to clear which is disagreed with everyone here.

The system design of MVCI didn’t have shady microtransaction, So I believe it is unfair to accuse 80% corporate greed the game was made. So I gave you technical details regarding what true and why it is not 80% corporate greed, because the game is not made out of microtransaction or service.

Man if you continue spreading the hate like wanting people not to support the game in this thread. If you influence them the likely your not just endangering potential patch but also a potential future collaboration with Marvel and Capcom.

If you want Capcom and Marvel to support the game post character wishlist and gameplay videos rather than hating.

Peace out. This would be my last post regarding that matter. Sorry if I hurt your feelings and change your expectation with Capcom Fighting Games in the past and why they fund games development.

And don’t fall again to fake information on the net. Not everything you read on the internet is true.


They’ve done reveals before like a “darkstalkers are not dead” vid and other stuff.


That’s the rationale for Capcom announcing anything for a game they clearly dumped?

“They do announcements”?


Honestly was expecting something to be announced or some type of news, not necessarily mvci related but something.

It is a comic con and they have announced other things before. That’s all I’m satying.


I think you misunderstood the nature of my post. i know no one ever assumed something was going to happen.

Why did capcom dump this game and why won’t they atleast respond to some of the people asking them since last year as to what is going on?
LOL at the special needs kid still implying in his wall of stupid shit that this game was made with care and it’s just DBFZ that killed the game. GTFO. This is all I am going to say…

However, right now after all the events that went by and all the tweets and messages of people asking them what is going on. You have to be completely delusional to not see this game was nothing more than an ad.