MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special


When someone tries to correct you, you made them think they misunderstood you, Same old tactic, The truth is you denied them mostly because you just want to troll rant in this thread, when you get tired and bored of spamming Capcom twitter like they owe you money

This isn’t helping you getting an expansion man your just showing how a toxic you’re as a fan

Who said it wasn’t made to advertise? It wasn’t the first time. I remember your other recent comment saying it’s okay for the game being part of advertisement, while you believe past games wasn’t had some sort of ads because you said they were funded by Capcom stock holders and CEO funded for the sake of art. That’s why your the delusional one. That is the kid that rage on Capcom twitter because of no xmen as your best argument by your claims.

In fact COTA was based on fatal attraction and MSH was also based from infinity wars that’s what cross promotion and x-deals is about in big companies that exist even how you denied it in your brain.

I just give a bunch of insights after the 2 day discussion that you never aware of in the first place and while you force your delusional belief into others that there were no ads and license issues in past mahvel games because they are funded for the sake of art, that’s the delusional one, because those aren’t real.

I remember that you also came out that it was 80% Marvel fault? Right you accuse Marvel but your spamming Capcom twitter? I don’t know how you came out with this imaginary results. So why didn’t you try the other since you said it’s their fault 80%?

You need to go have a talk with a doctor seriously, I’m not accusing you to be delusional out of hate and nowhere but by the way you perceive things and hate like Marvel and Capcom partnership in game development from the past and future base not on me, but by your comments.

By the way you attack me your the one that ends up of funny, salty, bitter and losing by your approach like blaming to a whole race for Capcom not answering you on twitter or justifying MVCI corrupted the entertainment industry in this generation. Those were monumental MVCi rage. I really find it funny knowing that you cried me out to deviljin haha.

I like to hit you with facts and most of my posts in those 2 days where most educational and trivial compare to you is more racial remarks and blame rage Capcom. I did that so it would be something enjoyable to read and it’s got funny when someone reads you from the internet, because you’re the one that is shaming yourself while you unknowingly describing your own thought process.

What I said it was rushed in some aspect, but the game mechanics is carefully though, the content is standard. Yeah it was competition and it’s more logically perceivable than your accusation of no xmen character rant.

I tried to be humble and silent, but it seems your losing your mind again after frustration from spamming Capcom’s twitter? You know have better things to do and to focus my attention. I just give you a bit of time to give you another insight and trivia to free your mind with fancy imagination of a rose-tinted make believe past. Something that can help you move-on, because I don’t know if I find pity to you that your shaming yourself.



Here we go again I guess.


Don’t worry I’ll pass this out guys :slight_smile:


Nope. I am not entertaining the special needs kid. LMAO, So i think his dumb ass read “hey, didn’t devil jin post a tweet from someone” as me “spamming their twitter”. Good god this nigga stupid as fuck.

I do recall suggesting that we all do petition or something for capcom to respond, the argument in the past was if their was actual care to this game other than milking cash for the MCU.


Wait what?

It was you that propose but everyone else tells you it won’t work, but you keep on denying and ignoring people.

What’s next you gonna spam this thread with petition request? because spamming Capcom’s twitter ain’t working and bores you?

You really have problems. grow up man your being desperate from believing stuff that cause you with unhealthy ways in thinking, deny truths, that it even make you troll this thread, seek fights or either spam Capcom twitter.

You will ignore and deny everyone else again and again, then pin point that everyone misunderstood you. Look man everyone has gave up already to you they know your antics. You need special care and rest? or maybe a vacation?


yup, that petition reference was bait for you to string up the past replies to it. You fell for it.

Sadly you are not smart enough to see the relevance of those comments with the point I was prying in. Hopefully you will take the time to read it or get someone to read it for you so you actually get it. Dumb ass.


See you have problems? Your indeed trolling and have attention problems too.

You really need help or a vacation. It’s messing you up.


After things like this

There’s no way crack isn’t coming back


that capcom still put “work” into sfv doesnt mean jackshit for marvel…just saying :coffee:


If this had happened earlier, I might have raised my eyebrows at the possibility. This late in the year, though, I’ve resigned Infinite to its fate. If something happens, awesome, but I refuse to get my hopes up after the complete lack of updates.

  • Three months after the end of ‘Season 1’, nothing.
  • SDCC, nothing.
  • EVO, nothing.
  • E3, nothing.
  • Launch anniversary, nothing.
  • NYCC, nothing.

I’m not sure why people expect anything at this point. Right now if I were Capcom I’d just start concept on MvC5 or simply a Capcom Vs with no uppity Americans screwing with their decades honed common sense.


SF5 receiving quality of life updates means something for Marvel? Especially now onsidering the plethora of updates it’s received since Infinite talk has gone quiet? Yeah, ok. Ask them if they can fix the interface lagging offline during character select, please.


why is there nothing?


Where are


Yeah it’s eventhubs, but it’s talk and the talk hasn’t stopped.

I do crack, I don’t pretend, I do it for real and I will do it again. Capcom will let me do it again. There will never not be crack.

There can be dragonbahlz, but there is only one, genuine crack. Let me crack again.

TRUE BELIEVERS will get what they believe in.


He knew.

Combofiend knew the only way to bring back Mahvel, was to work for MARVEL. Bring back crack through crack. Infiltrate the forces, bring it back from its roots.

Work with the truest believers in order to get those to truly believe again.

Infinite died so Marvel FOUR could live. Marvel is truly infinite.


Never change DJ.


If you truly believe, raise your hands.

Raise them high

Be uplifted

The only way it doesn’t come, is if you don’t believe. Don’t truly believe.


I believe there’s hope, I believe in both Marvel and Capcom!!


Goku needs to share some of that energy


I hope the rumor is true, need another fighter besides SFV.