MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special


so the current marvel game is not good enough for you? gotcha.
would you like a possible new version to play like infinite or change it “back” to 3v3 and other stuff?


It’s CLEARLY not as good enough for the people who claim they are satisfied. If it was, the clamoring for a new Marvel game wouldn’t be as prevalent as it has been since the release of Infinite. Claiming that “crack is back” wouldn’t make any sense because crack should have already been here, right? I know this is at the expense of one of my favorite fighting game series, but I’m happy that we’ve gone through the situation at hand here with Marvel.

As Appo appropriately(say this 10x in a row) stated, “It’s already here. Why don’t you play it?”


I’m not sure yet. I’m not going to complain either way but still trying to figure out which I would prefer. 3v3 would get rid of the active tag system for sure as there’s no way they would do a 3v3 game withou active switch. At least not in 2018 where they want to make games casual accessible. That would be like the opposite of casual accessible and I think it’s better off that they have their own identities rather than just trying to cram everything in.

Like I love active switching between Morrigan and Gamora and making my own best assists for that team. Makes it so you don’t have to always find the good assist character for every team and allows you your own personal set of assists that only your specific team can access. With that said I hate having to switch a team in order to play Jedah when I would love Jedah/Morrigan/Gamora all on a team with hopefully some good assist/super sets. If I kept playing MVCI regularly I’d probably just be running a Jedah team and a Morrigan team just to keep them both in practice.

Generally playing other games right now while I wait the inevitable return of Marvel to mainstream fighting gaming. I thought Blazblue Xtag would be a holdover, but it just makes me miss Marvel and too many anime girls so couldn’t really get into it.


That’s fair. I know that Cross Tag doesn’t scratch that Marvel itch. In fact, many games don’t.


I would like a 3v3 with tag system. I know that conceivably, it can’t work… but maybe they can think of something.

At the end, i’ll believe it when I see it. Especially since Vergenben has bad track record with his last “rumors”. It’s like he is just compiling things from other fakes.

Also, why hasn’t anyone answered me in regards to the question as to why MVCI failed? Regardless of what negatives where in this game, why do you think there was an evo ban, silence, and just a sense of a complete lack of care in the production of this game? :slight_smile:


Max on MVC4

Anyway, just to entertain the possibility. if they were going to make a completely new brand then it I think an announcement will be around late 2019 with MVC4 possibly being released 2020. Depending on how different this is going to be from MVCI.


It was a PR stunt to set up a rebranding with Xmen characters and be the Phoenix out of the ashes.


It failed due to the combined stupidity of Marvel input, Capcom letting Marvel have input, and the FGC suddenly being bitches about non-issues. Which could well happen again, so we’ll see.

If the game rebooted into 3v3/Assists that would be a disappointing hard pass for me. Especially in a post-SC6 context.


That’s an easy one. MvCI failed as a result to several things(graphics, mediocre story mode, lack of big name characters, bad publicity, etc). That, in turn, is the specific reason why it wasn’t at EVO. And that’s because Capcom and the community abandoned the game. You mean to tell me that Capcom Cup comes around and you don’t mention anything? If I’m Mr. Wizard, I’d make that decision 10/10 times that it wouldn’t be at EVO.


No game has ever been omitted from Evo for having a mediocre story mode. Shut the fuck up.


Same thoughts with Max about DBFZ because there is no other choice and that’s the only way to have another Mahvel game. The things that different from us was I never consider next gen possibility and we had different thoughts about Assist subject, he see Assist as a limitation but for me It was okay that some advantage has it’s own trade off consequences.

If this would be a new Mahvel game I hope the return of DHC and Assist.

Another thing that is likeable with MVCI compare to UMVC3 was the stages which is lag free, because UMVC3 is always bonne wonderland and training stage.


Read what I wrote: “MvCI failed as a result to several things(graphics, mediocre story mode, lack of big name characters, bad publicity, etc).”

Marvel failed as a result of those things. Marvel’s omission from EVO is a result of it’s failure. Do you understand? Put aside your nerd rage to read things through next time.


Especially considering MVCI was outperforming Injustice turnout at some events despite the PR. I’m not even sure if too many people would have had an issue if MVCI replaced Injustice at Evo 2k18. It’s one of those things where I believe only the NRS community would cry much about it. The turnout could have likely even surpassed Injustice 2’s at Evo. Especially with the drama around NRS players and Evo any way.

Bad press, possibly Disney regulations and anime money making Wiz take Marvel out of Evo, sure. If they did push MVCI at Evo I wouldn’t even bat an eye if it outperformed Injustice 2.


I still want you to shut the fuck up.


As much as I hate Injustice and NRS games, I’d rather have that at EVO by virtue that NRS at least showed that game more love than Capcom did Infinite. Tough love goes a long way, and excluding Marvel from EVO’s big stage was absolutely deserved.


At the same time though it would have been nice for people to see that it’s likely the Marvel community would have turned out and showed more love for a PR disaster of a game than IJ2. There was a time when community mostly decided which games enter Evo, but with those days over can’t see if community will surpass PR and dollars.


Let me try to rephrase. We understand the story, roster, publicity… etc? But why… for legendary game company doing a long time franchise with a massive cultural fan base for than 10 years? Why was all those factors bad? What was the actual goal of this game?


Think about the circumstance at hand. 3 companies, Disney, Marvel and Capcom all together and still came up with a game that grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory. There’s basically no way to say exactly where all the issues came from and likely stuff that will just be unheard or rumors at best. 3 companies that poop money and couldn’t get it done. It’s like 2 running backs and a wide receiver all running for a ball thats lobbed up in the air with no defense on them and they just hit each other in the helmets and fall over unconcious.

Basically your best bet is just to watch the 13 videos out there about what they think caused MVCI’s death, realize 3 companies with a bunch of money couldn’t get it done (especially considering games get forced cheap budgets if they dont have confidence in the game) and make your own conclusion.


I hear you. But let’s keep it 100 right now. If the Marvel community was serious about their game, they would have turned out for Marvel regardless if it was on the big stage or not. I know the sponsored players are only a fraction of the Marvel community, but when you see a lot of those guys turning their back on the game, it’s pretty telling. Sure, they may not be a fan of the game, but when the Marvel OGs that you’ve seen time and time again are no where to be found, it shows you that many people have moved on.


Actually quite a few of the Marvel 2 OGs came back to MVCI that didn’t like Marvel 3. If anything the gameplay did bring older people back and was outperforming certain other poverty and certain other important games.

It was mainly rhetoric from certain people like Mr.Wiz who have hands in the games at Evo that pushed that MVCI was dying and shouldn’t bother with it. When Wiz put nail in the coffin for MVCI at Evo only so much can do after that. People just aren’t going to come out in droves to Evo for a game that went from being historic highlight of Evo to just suddenly dead. The players will feel their backs are turned on at that point and just show up small to other major events until the next Marvel thing hits.

A lot of people are waiting on the sidelines because people know that Marvel never just dies. It’s too historic and these comic and video game companies also know there’s still business to be had with it. People can’t help but talk about a game that has been “dead” for this long and that is likely the sign of the next coming. Nobody is talking about KOF14 anywhere close to the amount they can’t stop talking about this super dead game. We aren’t having walls of text and insults over a dead game because it’s going to stay dead and nobody is waiting for anything.