MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special


What the? Your the troll here craving for attentions, making racial insults, tantrums and coming up with imaginary numbers while having delusional perception of the game.

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your whole 80% thing? Capcom and Marvel doing games for the sake of art in the past? that’s ridiculous. Purely delusional.

People never misinterpreted you because you repeated everything and they quote you clear even from the beginning, but you deny your reality.

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People in the right mind would come up with imaginary numbers pulling from his ass and persisting that game companies funding games for the sake of art thats clear sign of being delusional.



I’m not concerned with what people think is varied or not, all I’ve been saying that the game is functional.


I mean…what fighting game isn’t functional? Even the shit ones are functional at their core.


LOL. Explanation on what? You think people here are telling me that the failure of this game was just an innocent mistake?

Just look at the current replies on this topic. We all know this game wasn’t an accidental botch and none of the “problems” of this game was due to any form of professional ignorance. It was all because of the motives of the game and the political-corporate bullshit they put on it which is why fans got upset. Even that Max video explains it. The problem is, you are completely stupid and barely understand what people are saying in what they post. Your grammar is also horrible which shows how unintelligent you are to take seriously. You additionally don’t even know the word “delusional” just based on how you use the word in sentences where the vocabulary doesn’t even make sense. Right now, i know that your understanding of this post is below 10% and you will reply with a post that you will edit 3+ times and yet be totally misrepresenting of anything you are being told.

edit: i will not drown this thread with making another episode with an idiot like you. So best assure that you will not be responded to no matter how out of context your post will be in regards to what i say.


Man your trolling the thread

Your the one that is ignorant. with your whole imaginary game history and numbers.

Max video compromise with what i have said. Max never said anything about your made up 80% shit and companies funding games for art. Max said DBFZ which is my factor of my opinion before everything went to bad decisions.

It’s not just me that answer your repeating questions but everyone else, yet you denied them. now your making us believe Max was at same with your saying? are you delusional again?

DBFZ competitions was the major factor before bad decisions and that was may opinion not your’s because all you do is spam the thread with 80% corporate greed and Mahvel games were done for the sake of art. which is delusional.

Everyone knows DBFZ competition was my major point unlike your delusional accusations

While your opinion was 80% greed and 15 years ago games has no license problem, and Mahvel was made for art sakes… Your thoughts are delusional and your even persistent with it. My opinions were trivial compare to you and your racist shit.

It show how terribly sick you are for blaming a race because Capcom not answering you at twitter. for MVCi lacking Xmen? You need help.

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How delusional you are using Max video?

And now your claiming Max video favors you makes other believe more that your delusional, because you disagreed against opinion which is DBFZ that is more into Max. You need help man.

SHIT man everyone knows your delusional here. especially now claiming Max videos agree with yours not mine when it clearly states DBFZ was a major factor too?


Booting up and doing things when you press a button isn’t exactly a sign of polished function.

I’ll probably rustle some feathers here but EX Layer is not a particularly functional running game. It’s actually comical the underdog praise it gets. The FGC never graded on a curve like this before.


The DBFZ reasoning you gave was dumb and Max was talking about MVC in it’s present terms in regards to DBFZ. If Marvel and Capcom cared about making a successor and not just some movie flyer, then DBFZ would not be a problem.

Just based on that Max video and what was being replied to my questions; we all know and can tell that the down fall in this game wasn’t due to any professional ignorances.

And what the fuck are you talking about: “blaming a race” on capcom for not answering their twitter? The way you just blab out random statements in reference to my arguments is why I am letting everyone know you are dumb.

I know you will be replying with a long post that you will edit 3+ times, but i will not drown this thread again trying to respond to your dumb ass.


DBFZ would not be a problem? What are you saying man. DBFZ was mentioned by max as the reason they probably delay and do bad decision? Where are you? Are you in a different reality? He never said anything about your opinion like 80% greed and 15 years ago Mahvel games was funded for the sake of art or Mahvel has no license problems before.

Max requested Xmen to be fair to your mental problems, but he never said it was the cause of abadonment or delay other than DBFZ which compromise with what I said.

Your the one that is dumb and delusional with imaginary statiscal values like 80% greed and Mahvel games funded for art? While everyone here knows that DBFZ was more into Max unlike your delusionap interpretations of reality.

Everyone here knows your obseses with me and your delusional that has his own reality that denies and ignore everyone else answers from your repeating questions.

It’s like you believe you can trick people here or is that the way your logic works?

You think you’ll change the perception of others by trolling the thread? It’s like you thinking people are dumb to think your way?

No man, People aren’t as dumb as you are. Your just asking redundant questions that everyone else already answered by denied and ignore as if they never answered you because you are delusional.

Your expose being delusional. It’s not what I say it’s your arguments, denial and perception of reality that clearly states you are delusional.


Wait so that’s your other-self that blame a race because Capcom was not answering you on twitter? So your not just delusional but also schizophrenic? haha

Man you should stop spamming Capcom’s twitter and trolling me when your bored. It show you are really sick. You need to see the doctor, Your sick.


With regards to MvC4, if @DevilJin 01 believes it to be true, I too am a believer.


Speaking of which, how has EX Layer been doing among the general crowd? I haven’t tried it out myself due to time constraints.


If there was a mvc4 in the works, when do you guys think it would get announced/teased?


Next gen or Next year


I think it’s too early for a new Marvel. From a tournament/competitive point of view, sure, we need one. From a business point of view it doesn’t make much sense. Infinite’s fiasco is still to fresh in the memory. I don’t believe a new Marvel will come until 3 years form now on.


Looking at vids and tourneys it’s generally well recieved. And I’m not hating on its fans, but I can’t imagine many games getting the pass this one got by the FGC.


At this point I’ll be closely following Lupinkos twitter. He started posting Marvel stuff around the time Infinite got revealed. Some reported that it supposedly wasnt the real Lupinko, but he talked right before the reveal nonetheless


none of lupinko’s tweets had any relevance to MVCI (or as a leaker). All those tweets where just him expressing his hype for it’s release. He stopped being a leaker more than 3 years ago.

The guy who had the best reputation as a leaker is Ryce from gaf. I don’t know what happened to him though.


I still say in a basic sense lupinko is relevant because when he started talking was near the time the game got launched. Sure you can’t directly relate him to much anymore, but once he tweeted that Jem shit again it was pretty much on (and then real leaks further pushed into reveal).

Either way though I’ve heard enough that I’m pretty convinced this shit is coming by the end of the year at latest. When MVCI was revealed even super huge Marvel fans like Max could only give it a “5 percent chance of happening”. Marvel always does the best job of pretending it’s dead and having everyone believe it. Nothing like this gets talked about this much and doesn’t happen soon. Companies love using Marvel to make money and they’ll resurrect/rebrand a “dead” Marvel game to do it again no doubt. If KI could surpass being on the soon the die spyware Xbox system, resurrecting Marvel should be very real.

I think Capcom realizes now that they have to make a Marvel game that isn’t pushed so hard by Disney/MCU and has actual money put into it to stand a chance. Putting tiny money/effort into fighting games should be for indie fighters, not Capcom who put them on the map.


Honestly, I’m hopeful but not convinced. There was never any “marvel is dead” during the later years of UMVC3. UMVC3 to MVCI is different from MVCI to “MVC4”. This “Marvel is dead” isn’t because of license expiration but because of an actual failure. There was just too much disappointment with this game along with no actual support removal (Evo) that makes it harder to believe that MVC4 will happen.

Vergeben isn’t a credible leaker. Remember, just 3-4 months ago he said “MVCI Uncanny edition” was going to be announced at Evo, along with CViper for SF5. None of that happened.


I’m pretty confident that leak in the link was not from Vergeben…
He did say that he heard MvCI was getting some sort of update around that time. However, he only said that it might get shown at Evo because he was hearing a lot of rumors about the game and thought that Evo might be a time when it would be revealed

Also, I feel pretty confident about MvC coming back in one form or another. This really is the best time to have a Marvel game out. I don’t know why Capcom wouldn’t go for it if their relationship with Marvel is better.