MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special


They might delay mvc4 until PS5 comes out which is scheduled for around 3 years time. Would make the most sense to me.

SF6 and MVC4 as the premium fighting games on PS5.


No they are not delaying a fighting game to for a new console. MvC isn’t anywhere important enough to do that with. 1st party games are strategized that way, not no random fighting game.


and thats the reason why capcom isnt going this route. nothing they did in the past years made much sense, why should they start now. max i can see which will happen is that it will become a “hotfix” version with a new new, same as sfv arcade edition.


Capcom would really have to put quite a lot of work for this “update”

Here’s what I’d like to see changed:

  • Overhaul the presentation (i.e. Supers, winposes, visual effects like counterswitching)
  • Completely new interface (menus, sounds, etc)
  • Updated visuals (higher quality textures, new special effects, improved lightning and shading for the characters, updated/revamped models for several characters)
  • Completely new soundtrack
  • Rerecorded voicelines (some of the perfomances are terrible, definitely a voice direction issue)


It was him dude.

edit: you maybe right after all. He is posting on gamefaqs.


Wait. Are you saying the announcement for a new game is coming by end of year, or the actual game?

As I’ve said before, I have my doubts on whether such a thing is real at all, but I definitely don’t believe a new version is coming before 2019. Even that is a pretty big pipe dream IMO.


sad thing about this “rumor” is that there is no actual timeline for expectation. If there is nothing by 3rd Qtr 2019 (after Evo, and whatever event) the leaker can go "well, it’s going to be announced after Nov. Then if there is nothing it can go "well, i never gave actual date but there will be one… they’ll announce it late dec or 1 qtr 2020. All we know, a new MVC will come out 5 years from now… which makes this “leaker” completely meaningless.


Totally agree, even an announcement at the end of the year sounds like wishful thinking yet alone the actual game, but hey doesn’t stop me from hoping he’s right.


PSX was cancelled this year. If they’ll announce something this year, it will be on CapCup.


Which is interesting since Sony no longer sponsors SFV/CPT. We’ll see if Capcom has goods to pull out regardless.


Looks like even the pros are feeding the rumors, which is a good sign.

I would like to go back to Max’s video. If you recall his last video with the Uncanny Edition rumor, he was quick to dismiss it, yet here he is very vague about it. Most of us know that he has been sponsored or funded by capcom in the past. Same thing with Fchamp and the rest of the pros. There was complete silence to adamant reactions towards the past rumors, yet this is some how being fed. It sounds like a marketing strat to me in where they slowly inject hype and attention to a product.




Please don’t quote that shill and the great MLK in the same post…


Everyone is allowed to have their dream. True Believers can believe whether they have won a Nobel prize or are on death row. Everyone can dream


Truth AND dreams.

He has white hair, a glowing sword and a transformation. Day -400 top tier.


Wolverine and cyclops! That is all.
Day -400 insta main.


Wolverine, Storm, Magneto, Doom, Cyclops… AND SENTINEL. Let all them noobs stick it.


I will never understand the love for Cyclops. Especially 90s-era Cyclops. That guy was awful.

If he does ever comes back, I hope it’s the new evil/anti-hero version.
But even that isn’t likely considering he’s dead right now.


Well… if we ever get MVC4, and cyclops is in it, then you my friend can…COME CATCH THESE BEAMS!!!



Jedah with unblockable specials would be nice too