MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special


Cyclops is a great character. He’s evolved from the cookie cutter boy scout to a bona fide leader with complexities, willing to do whatever it takes to defend his cause. Hypothetically entertaining the idea that MvC4 is real and coming(which I still doubt), it will have to be some variation of his iconic self. I don’t think they’ll make him Phoenix Force Cyclops. That’ll probably just be a skin.

And that whole “Not putting in a deceased character in the game” is a farce. If they released a Marvel game since then, you really think they wouldn’t include Spiderman, Wolverine, Iron Man, or Hulk? They all died. It was just recently that they all came back. Unless you’d want their counter parts i.e Miles, X-23 or Daken, Iron Heart, and Amadeus Cho?


Just listen to the music and meditate on it. It’s a theme any man can relate to because once 0:24 hits, you can hear the music speak the story of how us boys have grown to men and how we all faced a form of social misunderstanding because of dealing with an old-hairy ugly looking animal man trying to take what is ours.


I would have zero issues with any of those except Daken, because Daken is just a bad character IMO.

I don’t hear any of that, but if you do then OK


whoops wrong thread


Yo, looks like you have more reason to believe.

Check this vid from fchamp. “Nothing is going to happen…*winks”.

Isn’t it odd that when the Uncanny rumors started spreading, Max was so adamant about it while none of the pros even talked as if the rumor existed? Now we guys like fchamp acknowledging it?


Why would F.Champ know anything though? What resources or connection to Capcom would he have in regards to any ventures in their future timeline that would make him any more credible than Vergeben? Anyone could keep their response as ambiguous as him by sarcastically saying “Nothing is going to happen” followed by a wink. It essentially makes it so that he can’t be wrong. If it comes out, he was right. If it doesn’t come out, he never said it was going to come because he was joking.


Yea this is how I see it also.


F.Champ and Combofiend are friends I presume. Combofiend is at Marvel and if the rumour is true, Combofiend patched things up between Marvel and Capcom. The question should be, is Combofiend willing to leak things to F.Champ again considering what happened last time?


All these rumors are probably organized by capcom to get people hype about the possibility lol


wasnt fchamp part of the early access test team for the game? i mean he had hands on mvci prior release at least and i assume the same is happening now. there are not so many marvel players to test the game especially since wong seems to be in japan now?!


The wink confirms that Champ’s dream of Magnetic Blast xxx tag is in fact reality.


But that’s what I’m saying, would Combofiend risk his job at Marvel over this? I don’t think Capcom cared that people were playing the game before, nor Marvel would have cared either at the time, but the leaks hurt the game. Would they risk more leaks? Especially if nothing ends up happening, which would be way worse for Capcom. I can just imagine “Darkstalkers 4? You said Marvel vs Capcom 4 was coming, I ain’t buying any fighters from you anymore”. Mind you, I’m asking that rhetorically. Marvel and Capcom could very well not care that F. Champ is testing the game, if it exists.


Marvel is on the way. It can only come again. It is bigger than Jesus.


I sincerely hope Capcom doesn’t misunderstand what the grievances are with this game. I rather not see MvC3.5.


Mvc3.5 would be fine. They just need to learn that untechable moves are a big no no for versus games


MvC3.5 would be ass. I mean if they added burst, maybe worth a look, but that 3v3 tag shit pales to MvCi’s combat system.

I ain’t gonna puss out calling that an opinion, either. It’s fucking better. Fight me.


I don’t have problems whether tag or 3v3, what I’m interested interms of gameplay standpoint is the mechanics that would allow creativity and uncertainty. I really like the infinity storm, I want it to return.


I think what would be cool is 3v3 with tag AND assist. No stones just two tag buttons.

Like your tag button becomes like a operator. Press either to tag the associated partner and maybe do qcf or dp/dd +tag to do an assist with special properties.

Press both tag buttons to activate cross over combo or team dhc.


BB cross tag basically has assists plus tags already so it can work lol


2v2 with tag. Third character is an assist only (no assist only characters). Can switch your point characters with your assist character between rounds by holding a button like in the old games. Comeback mechanic is controling a buffed up version of your third character or soul storm with your third character for a short amount of time, but getting happy birthday’d would mean losing your assist.