MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special


What’s this ‘plus tag’, ‘with tag’ shit? These games have tagging by their very nature.

You people are so weird.


Not talking about basic tag ins. More like tag mechanics. Like in bbtag you can call an assist and if you want, switch to that character before the assist comes out. You can even switch to them while they are doing their recovery pose.

Can do some crazy left/right mixups with it. Also the game has soul stone type shit

I guess mvc3 has a tag mechanic with tac’s, but that mechanic was wack


I kinda like this. Good middle ground between bringing the 2v2 active switch gameplay back while still allowing a 3rd character for assist meta.

BB Tag system is cool because you do get 3 separate assists on top of the free tagging, but in order to balance it they tie a lot of the stronger tagging stuff to a tag meter. I’m not a big fan of a bunch of meters and stipulations for stuff. What’s fun about Marvel is you can do whatever you want, whenever you want outside of the super meter. Anime always has that have fun but pay up first stuff.


3v3 Active Switch is a cute idea I would like to see but assists can get deleted.


Return of DHC too that gives some kind of mind games.

What are your thoughts with Snapback and Air Tag?

Same thoughts but i preferred with assist.


I actually really like the way they balance the tag mechanics in bbtag. Makes meter management a big part of the game. The only time an assist cost meter is when you call it during an attack though, otherwise assists are free. Having the burst and cross combo mechanic tied to the assist meter is a good way to balance them out since they are both really strong tools


Yeah it works for anime, but anime started that whole strategy/MOBA ish account for 30 meters thing. They’re trying to play to a different tune and make sure every part of the fun revolves around some sort of balance and resource management. Marvel is its own thing because you don’t have to worry about that stuff. You just build the meters and whore assists/tags/surges. I don’t wanna have to feel like dudes with super human powers like Magneto, Nova and Doom are tied to resources all the time.

One of the things DBFZ does right other than 30 year cool downs for shitty assists is they let the meters fly in that game. Got meter all of the time and technically can always use your assist and tag out outside of a timer.


Yea I agree. Though bbtag assists have very little cool down and can still be used even if you don’t have any meter


From my own experiences with assist fighter games, I prefer the way anime fighters handle them a bit more. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Arcana Heart, Cross Tag, Nitroplus, soon to be Million Arthur Arcana Blood. The reason for this is that games are finding deeper ways to add more layers to assists than just being a button you press. To me, that’s starting to feel a bit archaic.

For example, Dengeki took how MvC2 did assists and made it, IMO, much better. Having difficulty between choosing Doom rocks or plasma beam? You have access to all of them at the same time. Which assist comes out depends on which direction you held before tapping the assist. It just makes more sense that way, really. From a design standpoint, why dilute an assist character into separate parts that will never see the light of day? And its not as if the other assists are THAT bad. Some are just much better. They just give assists more personality that way.

My bad, Maravilla. Not sure why that was sent as a response to that post.


I’m actually surprised aerial Active Switch wasn’t a thing.* And I’d consider Snapbacks or whatever forced tag move to be in a tag fighting game.

*Obviously you can Active Switch in the air but it doesn’t sustain the aerial rave as TvC does with its own air combo tag.


neh. 3v3 with tag system is the best idea. Hopefully they can figure out how to work it.

I would say the tag system would have time delay if it is used like 3 times with all 3 characters. If they want to put Stones then maybe remove the surge and just have a meter like in MSH. It can also work like X-factor in where the strength of the storm depends on the level the meter is in, and it can only be used once.


Lol it’s all good.


It’s obviously not the best idea. Whatever functions best toward the intention is the best idea. And frankly 3v3/assists seems to be preferred despite the reality of the function, adding to my main observation that certain games are graded on a curve.


I like the idea of different vs games having their own set of rules and stuff. Making Marvel 4 just everything would be stupid and only further confuse newer people who likely had a lot of trouble dealing with the card deck meta of Marvel 2 and 3. If they do 3v3 again I’d like for them to come up with some other new shit and not just make it Marvel 3 x Infinite x XTag


I think what would be really revolutionary is a 4v4 or 5v5 coop team mode.

Fighting games have for the most part been mainly one on one affairs but I think if there was a series that could pull off the first successful team based fighting game it would be Marvel vs Capcom.

Shit could be Overwatch status if it was done right. Crazy talk I know


…DBFZ literally does this.


I don’t play dbzf but I thought it was 3 on 3 but the 3 character team itself is controlled by one player like mvc2 and mvc3.

I’m talking about creating a team with other players kind of like 4-8 player smash.


Like the 2v2 shenanigans of Guilty Gear Isuka? If I recall, the idea really falls apart in execution.


Yeah. DBFZ has that mode.


So… Dissidia / Gundam Versus? That’s probably the closest you’re going to get to that.