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You guys entertaining every player fighting at once? Cause that’s dumb.

I’m talking about the same game but with more players on each character. SFxT, TTT2, DOA, DBFZ, they all do this no prob. MvCi would work fine with this. MvC3 not so much.

Every tag game or mode should do this, no excuses.


Depends on how it’s done if it’s everyone in at the same time all the time like smash it would kind of suck. But if it’s only simultaneous for small sections like a cross over or come back mechanic that would be super fun.


Oh so it works like DoAs tag mode. I thought you meant like Smash. No wonder I was so confused and also why I don’t see it that much.

The problem with that style is it really isn’t much different than team mode or tournament mode as only two players are playing eachother at the same time.

I think an actual 2D fighting game (I not really fond of Dissidia) built around team multiplayer would be really fun and popular. Just look at how much people play Smash. You could still design the game to be serious for competitors while really broadening it’s appeal.

Again, just throwing my 2 cents. I can still get friends to play Smash or maybe powerstone 2 on any occasion. Only hardcore fg dudes will sit down a play marvel 2 or third strike.


Well the difference would be the human team synergy and coop strategy, translating the conceptual function of these games onto the player side. Me and my buds regularly played SFxT, DOA, and TTT2 pair play modes and while the ‘audience’ perspective sees the same function, it is a different experience for the players involved. The game itself doesn’t need to change at all.


KOF 2001 and Ratio system is something also I dislike in Team building Management thing. I like core team building to be divided by consequences into roles as design like this one has better hypers, better battery role, better assist, better tank and etc.

I don’t think 5v5 would be advisable unless the other 2 team members are restrict to a specific role like another 2 variant of assist like MVC1 special partners or Kof strikers.


I have a concept for a 4v4 (2plyr) fighter and the trickiest thing in my head is justifying assists for any other reason than “Marvel did it”.


Any interesting assist ideas from previous mahvel and other fighting games? Something that is not just throwing a special move or just tossing a single projectile that is pretty much common.

Let’s talk about unconventional assist that has designed unique abilities and attributes.

example like

1.) Assist that can be controlled via trajectory like R.Mika’s V trigger Nadeshiko
2.) Another Iori that can interrupt
3.) KOF striker Seth that juggles and for the used for set ups
4.) Michelle Heart that can be done in Air
5.) Devilot Unblockable

Any other ideas and other stuff from other games?


Why DHC are fun


There are tons of imaginative assists out there in the world of anime fighters. Here’s a few for example:

Nitroplus Blasterz: An assist summons a black smog that when it hits you, you can’t jump and take extra damage.

DBFC: TONS. Where do I even begin?
Kuroneko: Places a defensive seal on you that eats any one attack and then explodes leading for combo extensions.
Holo:Heals and regens meter in a specific range.
Kazari: Timed 3 second gun shots that have specific requirements to achieve.
Llen: A negative edge assist that you can kick which will attack the enemy when they are within range.

I seriously could go on and on about the unique anime assists out there. If you want to(shameless plug), check out my assist breakdown videos. Not only do they show assists that you don’t normally see in regular fighting games, but they have a very unique take on even the simplest of fireball/beam assists we know of today. Very creative stuff.


Thanks, I just subscribe and going to look that up. I’m not familiar with most modern anime fighters and that’s interesting to look up for me. Since Im more stuck with oldschool stuff and mainstream titles nowadays.

I hope to see more variance and character specific assist that are unique in every anime fighter.

I like to see some unique designed attributes on assist for different characters for future Mahvel if possible that it would return. That every projectile and charge attack is not just a similar to the regular special move or similar to another character assist.


Assist Guile in Smash… I remembered Seth in KOF. It’s even better if he throws a very slow projectile first.




If he was a real character I might have picked up Smash.


I wonder why, they didn’t go add Captain Commando too, since he deserve to represent Capcom’s beat em up in snes 16bit era.


Seems more a reason to rejoin a Vs game game than Smash. He’s cool but not particularly iconic.


Verigben was actually accurate with the smash leaks…


did he said anything about a sf6 to come out soon? :bee:


I don’t recall any leak having Piranha Plant


there is a difference between leaking something which turns out to be true and not leaking anything because you didnt know it will happen. not sure how accurate that vergeben guy is…just saying.


Ruby Heart’s power up assist was always really cool to me. Kind of went against the whole notion of a team game but teams like Strider Doom seemed to work kind of similar.