MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special


Once Lupinko comes out and confirms Vergeben it will be final. Marvel will rise.


Who’s lupinko?


He is the one who brings Marvel. He is all being


Leaker from back before UMvC3 was released. Something about Kentucky Fried Chicken and Gem & The Holograms. Was a total shit show.


Lupinko is the flowtron a like. Their both the savior in fgc that foretells and brings clarity from chaos by using the heavenly sign and revelation.


capcom cup will show if there will be a new version or not. next month will be interesting :coffee:


lol Maaaaaaaaaan.


do you hoped for some news from me? huehuehue :sunny:


Anytime this thread gets a bump I don’t expect much more than hopes of… anything.


I am really holding out for something. Might seem idealistic, but it seems that Capcom hasn’t really come after anyone on YouTube (most notably Maximilian) like they did with that whole SFV reveal trailer fiasco.

I’m probably just overthinking it. Hoping that there is at least something cool revealed.


What can I say? If something, happen? Ok. If something doesn’t happen, the Marvel scene just looks that much lamer. Seriously, it’s going to look pathetic if nothing comes out of this.


A whole con season went by and they didn’t even say something to communicate that they had nothing to say. Totally swept under the rug; there is no difference between now and the day before this game was announced. Just deleted from history.


not really. people will not forget that easy even with capcom being so silent. at the end of the day, when something new comes out its success depends on if they actually put work into the product or not.

i dont expect much at this point, a update with new chars and some ui changes most likely like they did with ae and i doubt it will bring people back…but, i was wrong a bunch of times so lets hope this time too. i dont consider myself a marvel player, touched it but at the end not really my kind of game to dig deeper into it but non then less i hope that they turn around the wheel on this one.


Even this feels pretty generous in my opinion. I’d love for it to be true, but I’m keeping my expectations very low to avoid further disappointment.
I still love this game but it’s hard to keep playing when no one else does, especially on PC.


Imagine they announce that there will be no mvc4 announcement… but instead show Tekken x Street Fighter after all these years haha


Marvel won’t allow that. True Believing will show itself to be all powerful again.


you got akuma, thats enough for ya.


i would say, marvel doesnt care. capcom on the other hand.
btw is frank a good counter for sigma and his “clouds”& charges?
i read somewhere the charges with its armor can be interrupted with heavy special moves or even normals?

and the “clouds” dissapear with the flash attack…


no one? i guess thats it about whens mahvel on the srk forum…do i really need to go to the reddit?


Why would Capcom show a Namco game?