MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special


Yea sigma only has light armor if I remember correctly. So soul stone can be useful in that matchup


why not? :wink:


…It’s nonsense?


Marvel doesnt give a shit. Combofied does. Capcom kind of does.

If they can get the same/better sales doing an All Capcom type game you bet ur ass theyd rather avoid the hassle and just produce that. Rather than be forced to design a game in a particular art style and forced to make vs characters out of black widow and bucky lool.

Not every Capcom character can/should be a VS type character. Same with Marvel characters. Some of them almost scream out to be a VS character (eg. Gill, Dante, any power stone characters. Others dont.

Id rather capcom goes an all capcom route or better yet maybe a VS type game based on project x zone. Called CvNvS: Project X Fighting. Even the name sounds cool.


Capcom should do a Playstation All Star Battle Royale that plays like Mahvel.


And Capcom can do it. with all the huge amazing characters from the past and future. It’s not just from brawlers, side scrollers, beat em up, fighting games or action games. Capcom has also RPGs, Puzzle games(Ghost Trick) and a lot of fantasy base game that can add the mythical side.


An all Capcom Vs game has been quietly begged for a long time. There’s way more gain than not with the creative freedom they’d get since Marvel is way too hands on these days. Spidey PS4 turned out great but I fear the philosophical gap between Disney and a Japanese FG dev just isn’t the right mix. That’s not to say Capcom couldn’t make Iron Heart or Ms Marvel badass FG characters, but if it means some pompous executive meddling with aesthetics and roster choice I’d happily just call it at MvCi.

We need an all Capcom Vs title.


I agree wit yall but the problem is capcom seems it isnt confident it could made a badass game with its own characters and probably needs the western comic nerds to ensure the game makes money.

Its a shame because I think theyre wrong but its business end of the day. The base capcom characters probably arent as well loved as say the nintendo stalwarts in smash bros.

Still worth trying. Maybe start off with kinda low res graphics like tatsunoko engine where the models werent as detailed or even something like snk heroines although if it was upto me id go with the 2D sprites route.


The MvC3 visuals were well enough.


can be just mvc related…or not? :alien: :musical_note:


Doesn’t that dude work with only tekken though?


So it’s Honest Eyes?

Or maybe… It’s true love in the making?


Tekken x sf


It’s unhealthy bonding to tweets like that. He could be talking a new stick or tshirt.


No. It doesn’t


"Biz Dev for @ EVO @ ten_o . Brand & Community Advisor for @ TEKKEN . FGC Products for @ Razer & more. Expertise in hardware & arcade sticks. I ❤ sneakers. # FGC "

due to him being involved with evo too he most likely has some insights on if stuff is coming for other fighting games. so its not a tekken only thing even tho you see him there on stream commentating a lot. in theory it can be something else for sure but capcup is the only even left this year so i doubt we get a anouncement from a other company for something else randomly… but at the end its just a guess. we know in one week.


Just as a reminder relating to that, IIRC Markman is involved with Razer now and they recently released this limited edition MVCI stick.

Releasing an MVCI themed arcade stick after its dead is fishy as hell. Could be that it was just in production before the game died and they wanted it out there, but even that doesn’t really express how strange this is. Could have easily just not released something with that type of stigma around it. We’ll see.


This must be some elaborate ruse, right? Infinite isn’t dead after all!


It’s noise until a trailer drops.


soulstone in the sigma matchup really helped out.