MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special


Curious what team you use


i actually dont play the game outside of some really spare group sessions, so as of right now i dont have a team. when it came out i tried to hulk/nemesis but i did never really got deeper into it for various reasons.

in that particular set “rematch” i picked sigma too and frank+soul. didnt do much with frank, soul+sigma did the most work in the first few matches. ended bad for me when we switched chars but at least that part to counter sigma itself worked out somehow due to him not being prepared for the soulstone even tho he adapted to it …but the tip was helpfull :smile:


I just remember my cap/Morigan team didn’t do too well against sigma do to them not having the best heavys for neutral purposes. I mostly used soul stone for that team though and that definitely helped out

My monster hunter team on the other hand, didn’t have much of an issue due to her jhp


tried her out in the session for the first time. i know she has armor but man is she slow. didnt compute well with her but at the end it counts for the whole game. i am still really curious if a new marvel version comes out and maybe this time the interest to get into it will rise…lets see and wait.


no. people labored to make that, they at least should be given the respect of having what they made published and sold into market. nothing strange about that at all. what’s strange is how long and nearly silent capcom has been regardless of it’s consumers asking what the hell has been going on for more than a year already.



Hey ya’ll i got something

turn on the CC. There is no english CC but you’ll read “Marvel vs Capcom 4” and “April 2019”. I don’t understand their language but you can obviously tell this is the most meaningful news we got so far.


Nah man, not happening. Never. But if it does in I’m!


That’s not what news means.