MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special



I agree that Ultron/Dante is still very good. I plan on sticking with it.

Dante is still top tier IMO, he’s a much stronger point character than umvc3 Dante. Damage nerfs are very noticeable but he has longer combos now to somewhat make up for it. It will hurt stray hits and conversions for sure.

Some very strong tools are untouched such as j. Lk and St. Hk. I’ve found zoning with QCF. Lp to be very strong too with a partner. Since it cancels into prop shredder, you can harass with QCF Lp, and if they jump over it, cancel with Hp xx Tag to get a combo / pressure with your second character.

Ultron j. Hp is definitely smaller but I feel it’s reasonable now since it matches the animation.


this was pleasing to watch


There’s a bug in the PSstore for Season Pass holders. Every costume is marked as free except for Jedah who is priced, for whatever bizarre reason. So don’t bother downloading them one by one, just download the two costume packs which should also be marked for free and you’ll receive Jedah’s costume from the costume pack without having to pay.


Ya I play Ultron and I feel his jhp nerf is reasonable.


I’m just disappointed that they removed his invincibility on his command grab super. It felt reasonable until I saw that they gave that invincibility to black widow lol


Looks like they removed the download link to the costumes on some. Others are now priced. Missed it fml. Still cant get Venom even with season pass too.


Ahh so they must have been marked as free accidentally then.


DLC not available yet on PC. I expect them to be such in a couple hours.



Reality stone is still good, if not better in some situations. Being on block is a pretty big deal.

Space stone nerf hits harder than it appears on the surface. Still a great stone but not as good at 50 percent. Def requires a bit more skill to use now

Dante is still really good, which is insane. You have a patch that changed almost everything on the character and not only is he still good but probably still top tier.

Dorm is still good, not free combo breakers is really all, and a bit less time to mix you up with thorns

Zero’s actually have to step there Offense up now, no more converting huge damage off DP’s and supers.

Chris hits like a truck now, that magnum shot is a problem.

Ultron is still good, HP is fair now. Still really good.

Bad Nova’s were all over the place yesterday, lol. I expect a wave of nova players to come forth now.


New Character Overview


Winter Soldier feels nice to play and Black Widow has a shit ton of potential. I can understand why they’ve released the characters like this, both Winter Soldier and Black Widow are projectile based characters, Winter Soldier being a bit like Chris and Black Widow being more like Gamora with a hint of Jill function, so they’re a similar class of character, they make a logical pair to release together and add Venom for the eyegasm.


Venom feels really weird /: gonna have to def work on this


DLC all playable on PSN.


Yeah he does. I’ve gravitated towards the other two to be honest. I love Bucky, his grenades are reflectable but his shenanigans make it almost irrelevant, he would make for a great reset character, as when combined with Time Stone he can use grenades to apply pressure in the corner and cover tech rolls with little risk, as they wake up into the grenade and can get crossed up with Time teleport without even being able to see the grenade on screen.

Black Widow looks shit hot, but her costume sucks.


I’m gay for Winter Soldier now.

Venom has a solid wave dash.


deluxe edition just went on sale in US store for %30 off.
I bought it yesterday but they gave me the difference in redeem codes :wink:



Characters were downloaded as part of the Steam patch but were still unavailable to play as of 12AM PST last night.
Not sure when they unlock on PC.
I am excited to play Widow and try out Venom.


For console users they don’t unlock you need to download manually, don’t know how this applies to the PC.


It doesn’t.


Venom feels the easiest of the three so far. Fun, too. Expect lots of him online.