MVCI Ghost Rider Discussion

The rider returns…let’s talk about him!

Right off the bat I noticed chain shuriken is more unsafe now. I feel like I have to choose more wisely what special I cancel into from HP, HP. Though tag cancel makes everything safe anyway.

Yeah it also pulls in much more on block unlike mvc3. I’m personally using soul stone beam after on block or reality stone.
There’s also hellfire, tagging off of it for a blockstring/minimixup works too.

So far Gamora, Ultron, and C.Marvel are the hardest to pin down or fight off with him. Their tools work too well on GR.

From viewing Taekua’s Ghost Rider at SCR, he was doing an immense amount of tagging from practically any of Ghost Riders normals/specials.

Because Ghost Rider still lacks a ground overhead, his mixups alone are lacking, and a comeback will be difficult if his partner dies.

We could use a combo thread. I think i’ll make one.

How exactly are the other maneuvers done with the bike? I know that the turn around is LP + HP but how’s the wheelie done? Doesn’t it count as an overhead?

Also - how can I make better use of the Bike and maximize my damage output with it?

You can do turn around with either LP or HP. Wheelie is LK or HK. It is a high according to the attack data.

To maximize damage, you want to not use a wallbounce until turn around, then finish the last hit with wheelie.

In UMvC3, he had a third followup that sped the bike forward and was a full screen punish.

What team/stone is everyone running with ghost rider? Fchamp uses Reality with Ghost Rider/C. Marvel. Ghost Rider is anchor

The exhibition match here vs Clockwork is great

at the moment I am cycling between 3 characters. Spooder-man/Thor/Ghost Rider.
I found that Ghost Rider pretty much lends himself well to Thor AND Spidey. While I have difficulties making Spidey/Mjolnirman work. Mr.Blaze is just so good at getting his partners in with his fullscreen chain bullshit. Either on block or on hit. Ghost Rider/Thor is my favourite at the moment. Both Space and Reality stones work great with them. Allthough I prefer Reality for Thor, since he lost his beam.

For me…it’s a toss up between reality and soul stones.

Ghost Rider frame data is up. The startup on his df+HP confirmed my suspicion of it increasing since UMvC3. It’s now 26 frames instead of 17.

GR/Frank player here. This is my current combo for getting Frank to Lv5


st.HP, st.HP, qcf.LP (wallbounce)
st.HP, st.HP, qcb.LP (ground bounce)
st.HP, st.HP, qcb.HK, mash HK for additional hits, qcf.PP, tag Frank
jump back (opponents can cross up from neutral jumps), take 2 pictures during the animation, dash forward twice after the last hit sends them flying and take a final picture

Even though Sage lost…that GR/Jedah team show potential.

Can anyone here who speaks Marvel talk explain what Ghost Rider’s changes mean?

Neutral HP: Changed knockback direction
Hellfire (HK, Charged): Changed unrecoverable hit stun value from 16 to 30 on first 3 hits.
Spirit of Vengeance:
Increased unrecoverable hit stun value from 16 to 50 during rushdown
Increased unrecoverable hit stun value from 16 to 255 on 1st hit with additional input of LP+HP
Increased unrecoverable hit stun value from 16 to 60 on 1st hit with additional input of LK+HK

Hoping this makes it so that the motorcycle super doesn’t constantly knock the opponent away? I’d given up using this super entirely cause it never holds people in.

From my experience playing him, as he is one of my mains, nerfs all around. The charged flame doesnt cause the hit stun it did pre patch, the flip out sooner now. And the s.hp change screwed up his combos, the second s.hp of that 2 hit chain whiffs now when you do long combos with him. For example, s.hp, s.hp, qcf. lp, s.hp, s.hp qcf. hk (hold) , s.hp, s.hp used to connect. That last s.hp whiffs now when before it would always connect and you could continue with qcb. lp, 2 more s.hp xx whip super for around 6k if you started with a jump in. As for spirit of vengeance, im not too sure, I use it every once in a while but im going to assume they dont flip out as easily now.

Yeah I’m not sure what this patch was supposed to do. Conversions off the second hit of S.HP are much harder now, as are longer combos. Nothing to do with HSD, it’s simply that the first hit pushes them too high for the second to hit and sometimes the same happens if the second hits as well.

The change to charged flame seems like it didn’t really do anything at all (I expected it to make combos easier using that move) yet it seems like there is less hit stun now.

The only positive is that the change to S.HP makes it so that combos during Power Storm won’t drop, as well as combos off of Rocket’s super trap (my team was Ghost/Rocket, so this annoyed the crap out of me). Still, I’d rather have pre-patch Ghost Rider.