MVCI Hulk Thread



Seriously…why is there no discussion about Hulk?

Show some love for the green guy!


Hulk loneliest one there is :sad:


Heres only thing I know for hulk

as long as you don’t do a full combo chain, you can do like lp lk hk, f+fp, light gamma wave, and then link a second f+hp directly afterwards and still reach, into a gamma charge or whatever to help combos out.

Doesn’t work in the corner though, although maybe you can get a jab? haven’t tried that yet.


Gamma Crush not invincible anymore but pretty tough to challenge, I imagine the hitbox is immense. With easy hyper combo you can mash it out during hit/blockstun or when your opponent does a bad tag, happy birthday.


My combos so far are


Harder Corner:

Mid Screen/Maybe Anywhere:


That’s what I got, doesn’t work in the corner though.


I didn’t know you could otg sweep launch so add a few more damage to that combo above doing that. I did light into launch.


^Sick combo with the gamma wave, I came up with a similar combo. I think poke with his gut punch to forward hp from half screen is going to be his neutral. Upward gamma crush really good against air dashers. Also you can cross them up coming down from that move and it’s a 50/50 situation. You cannot combo into heavy gamma charge. You’ll have to use standing instead.


I also noticed that in the corner, you can do charge into upward charge and the upward will miss, but since they fall to floor you can hit with an attack before you or they land. May be useful for future combos.


fully charged forward hp should be a unblockable to make it a better bait tool. :pensive:
labbing hulk a bit, thx for the videos!


I don’t really know how you are supposed to win with hulk. He’s got no tools.


So far the biggest thing is simply HK gamma charge goes through all projectiles, gives hard knockdown on hit leading to full combo, and can be made safe on block, and if it isn’t pushblocked you can basically land on their head with buttons after the followup

So gamma charge is basically his whole game.


you guys most likely know it but i post it anyway.
when your opponent stands in the corner and you do the wall cling on that corner and tag your other char in he comes from behind, so the direction of the corner.
might be a nice little thing to confuse your opponents after you finished a corner combo or to open him up.


I did not know this, then again I don’t really use Hulk often. Thanks for the info!

Also on the other note, yeah I’m surprised they didn’t give hulk some new tools. I main Chun Li and wow is she incredible compared to previous games. Got like 10+ new tools.

Might be able to abuse hulk for pressure switches with his charge, but I really wish his normal jump wasn’t so floaty. He should be heavy and more quick.


Ok this is the best I can do for hulk after a good while of trying

best meterless I got and best Solo, 1 bar. I know I can get more with powerstone or tags but that ain’t the point!!!

Please beat it so I can steal your shit!!!


Some neat hulk combos from Airtola


@"Evil Canadian"
i give up…i had some ideas but it interrupt and hit the char out of the combo all the time.
is there a specific rule about how many hits or how many normals you are allowed to hit during your combo before that happens?

tried some attempts with a highjump cancel lp, lk,hp which does 1734 instead of the 800 damage from the hk but it while i was going on it always interrupted me…

highest i got so far but with power stone is 5571without meter and 6882 with one bar in the corner.


It seemed to be based on hits and Damage. Around the 4k mark, unless your combos are tight or the move your using has special properties, the other character will start to fall out. 6k range will force a fallout unless it’s a multi hit super but any hits after that they will fall out.


Yep damage = hitstun decay in this game. 5k is the big make or break mark because characters often can’t get much unless it has absurd hitstun after 5k.

example, ultron combo that does 4999, can combo into super. Ultron combo that does 5001 damage, cannot combo into super.


Position: Corner | Stone: PowerStone | Damage: 5571


Jump SK
LP, LK, SK, GutPunch ~ S.GammaCharge
Crouch SK, Crouch SP
AIR: LP, LK, SP, IncrediblePunch
Crouch SK, Stand SP, PowerStone, S.GammaCharge~S.GammaAirCharge

Position: Corner | Stone: PowerStone | |Bar: One | Damage: 6882


Jump SK
LP, LK, SK, GutPunch ~ S.GammaCharge
Crouch SK, Crouch SP
AIR: LP, LK, SP, IncrediblePunch
Crouch SK, Stand SP, PowerStone, S.GammaCharge~GammaCrush