MvCI Meta and Tier Discussion


Her level 3 can catch the opponent from a pretty far range if they’re at normal jump height and don’t tag. Otherwise just have to use movement and the f+K air shot to snipe them


Because Thanos as a projectile counter that hits at least half screen away and can lead to big damage.


Thanos doesn’t shit on reality surge in neutral at all. Just cause he can teleport doesn’t mean he beats it out.

If like, the stone is mostly used up ok, the teleport is slow and obvious so…?

If stone is fresh, its just gonna turn around and hit you.


This seems pretty good. Basically the opponent has to jump to super jump height and use the surge to avoid a punish. If Thanos gets in to like even a 1/3 of the screen and they try a normal jump heigh stone the hit box is so big that he can counter their surge on reaction and get a full combo.

His beam super also punishes it on reaction. LK fireball teleport also has a huge hit box that destroys the surges and keeps the hits intact on the fireball. Probably one of the best options for beating reality surge tag situations.


I don’t know about you all but I almost never see people throwing reality stone more than 1/2 character lengths away and generally to guard a recovery. Hard to shit on it in that situation. Granted after sitting in record mode
trying to figure out the timing to punish the damn thing/prevent another reality stone relatively close up it’s still a pain in the ass. (especially reality stone neutral switch close up)


If they are using it that close just reflect it and use it to your advantage


I remember hearing its better to get hit cause you recover faster than they do from using it.
I think it was on teamspookies strean sometime in the last 2 weeks

edit: meant jump into them and eat it to the face. you recover faster than them even though you got hit.


Reality surge is probably one of the top three complaints you hear about the game, and the only one of those complaints that pertains to gameplay. I am mostly just trying to inquire about how much it really affects the game at the roster level, because I only play a handful of characters myself (and arguably pretty poorly).

There might be angles where Gamora doesn’t have an immediate answer for Reality surge, but if the opponent would have to be “retarded” to use it in most situations during the game, I would have a hard time saying Gamora really has a problem with it. And if the opponent is far enough above her to still call it ‘neutral’, I would think Gamora’s response would be to dash toward open screen and re-establish positioning for her guns.

With Thanos it isn’t just the teleport, but also the fact that lk Titan’s Shield and his armored rush punches also deny Reality surge any usefulness much of the time, and those are all things he generally wants to be doing anyway so, he doesn’t enormously have to limit his game plan to deal with it.


Well I’ve finally played and holy shit am I horrible!

LOL. Tried a lot of the stones. Reality is easy spam but seems like you have to have “some” skill to make it effective.

Time was my best stone by far. Seems like a super legit easy mode stone. Just press surge to invincible through people… to easy. Then the storm is basically like easy mode confirms and combos. I think I’ll stick with it for now. Lowest entry barrier by far.


Yeah it’s funny that time stone is slept on at all. It really shouldn’t be. Even random scrubs online that just mash on port can be difficult to deal with since the port moves you far away from where a lot of your attacks could punish. If it’s 2 frame start up you can likely use it like Nash’s V Trigger to slip out of mistimed meaties or bad strings.


Ultimately the best solution and takes more skill then a button press lol, reason being reality stone is generally followed by a neutral switch in the most trolly offense flows.
Thing is depending on where the neutral switch happens that pushblock might be hell on earth to do.

Yeah that’s definitely one of my go to’s already if they have a character in recovery still (the neutral switch will beat your recovery.)
However, if they don’t have a character in recovery you’re just asking to be combo’d. Reality neutral switch is very, very hard to beat up close.
You literally have to stop them from using the the stone in the first place one character away.


Also another thing I’ve found out about reality surge is that grounded surge has less recovery than the air one. Which is basically the opposite of mind where the air one has less start up/recovery than grounded.


Hmm, good to know. Follows the basic rules of projectiles then.


The Trailer for Sigma and BP. Drops October 17


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top tier rait nau



Soul Stone is the secret best stone


Soul will still be good for pixie characters who already had problems killing bigs. It just improves matchup. I doing anyone will use it unless it is matchup dependant to do what was in the video. Basically I don’t think it is game breaking or will invalidate bigs in any way.


Soul surge is hilariously underused in neutral. Funny seeing people go whole tournaments without using it in neutral. The guy I just played online didn’t even use it once


Who are the characters that can start a combo with a neutral Soul surge without needing to tag?