MvCI Meta and Tier Discussion


Yeah the surge is a 100% legit poke, just another useful ranged tool to add you your arsenal, and to see it beating hypers is pretty dope.


What’s the recovery and startup frames on Soul?


Gamora with Shadow Combination.
Everyone can cancel surge into super though.


Isn’t Shadow Combination the only “mimic” type of super that mimics surges? I’m sure I saw soul surge shenanigans with her.

EDIT to avoid double posting. If they don’t change the “inescapable reset”, mind stone might go up some tiers.


Does morrigan and zero hyper not copy stones?





Zero’s Sougenmu does.


Yes Power, and Soul are copied for Morrigan you just won’t get anything more out of it because power hitting twice cause them to fly up. And soul doesn’t give you extra life


Properly spaced Time Surge during Astral Vision sounds confusing as hell. It’s like that game where something’s under a cup but they moved the cups around.


What’s your guys thought on easy hypers? Think they will be tourny ok?

Sucks that it’s seems to be the only way to get reversal hypers after your opponent does one since it completely eats your inputs


I wish they’d just enable full input during the freeze. Just about the only feature of UMvC3’s engine I liked better. Felt like Hyper Combo poker.


So… after having my first extended play session last night, I feel a complaint post is warranted. LOL. Do note that I’m loving this game, most fun I’ve had since skullgirls or streetfighter 2.


Ultron…ugh. Why is his airdash jhp so ridiculous? Why does he get parabolic drones from super jump height? Why is his BNB the easiest shit ever?

Playing against him reminds me of playing against xvsf sabretooth… if it was xvsf, whichever game he was in where he was extremely powerful and noob friendly, I’m pretty sure it was his first incarnation.

With ultron having what he has I don’t see the point of ironman at all other than character loyalty or the fact that IM just looks way more swag.


Teleport bs is bad enough, but give him a Honda torpedo move that goes into combos on hit and is safe on block and goes under zoning is a bit much when he also has a teleport.

All that wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t ALSO have a an instant overhead that he can combo off of solo and has great range… to go along with a lockdown super.

Were it me I’d nerf the hell out of his instant over head. But that’s all.

Teleport moves:

Seem way better in this game, especially striders vajra. In older games you could get an invincible assist to kinda deal with this, but in this game with no invincible assists, the teleport xx tag bs is quite strong for literally no execution or spacing or even timing requirements. It’s like ex dr but for no meter and gives combo on hit.


No invincible assists:

Really hate this. Marvel as a game p, at least mvc2 had great cheesy offense, but that was balanced with great cheesy defense in AAA assists. Now it’s just kinda ham yolo all the damn time.

Lack of reversals in general:

And not only are there no invincible assists, most characters don’t even have viable reversals to stop the cheesy predictable offense.

Weak pushblock against air dash moves:

Says it all basically. With no reversals your only recourse against high priority attacks is pushblock… but pushblock doesn’t even really work well at all. This is a problem.

Fortunately most of these are small complaints. The game is derp as fuck, but it’s derp in a marvel sort of way, so it still ends up being fun.


Defensive options will go up a bit as people learn to use the Storm Guard Cancels more often. They basically make you completely invincible and leap out of pressure as long as you’re willing to activate your storm. Just only can have one storm on at a time so have to use it in a spot when no storms are activated obviously.

That’s also why I like playing Morrigan because I have a one meter DP that I can make safe with tag. Plus shadow blades even if they’re not invincible still have ridiculously fast start up as a preemptive defense and can tag off those also. Also why I usually start Morrigan first because she just simply has better frames and supers to start the round with than jedah. Can always switch in Jedah when there’s space for him to get in and put spirals on the screen.

Ultron is good, yeah nothing new.

Dante is never going to be anything but good or top tier. Just has too many tools and like Zero it’s just how they retool how good he is.


O’ I get it. There’s a stream roll derp that is definitely a huge part of the current meta. I have to say that I like the game a lot
but it can be a bit much on the derp. I finally strayed away from my firebrand/Coon team to get a bit more freedom of movement and see what the other side is like.
People that I would lose to just got Merc’d as I face rolled Ultron and Dorm. Thinking about just doing Ultraccoon. Just faceroll with ultron into beam supers and traps.


Coon is the problem. Jedahcoon just won NLBC tonight without dropping a match.


Racoon is a pretty manageable problem when he doesn’t have a partner behind him that can loop his conversions into set play though. It’s the Rocket/Jedah tag team and Sonicfox’s natural talent together that make that so nasty.

Rocket himself is good at getting conversions off of the garbage he puts on the screen, and his sweep is a nasty slide he can make safe on block with a cancel to the right mine.

Rocket’s mines disappear when he’s hit though (except the HC one), and he can only have one of each type on the screen at a time. His ability to convert his hits goes WAY down once his lightning mine is just sitting on the screen somewhere, and Rocket gets far less scary if you get him away from mines on the screen (Space surge for example).

Rocket only anti airs at about a 45 degree angle, so once you get above the angle where Groot can hit you Rocket has to worry. His air to air game is below average. His zoning game pretty much straight loses to any beam he can’t duck. His only move with any start-up invincibility is his level 3, which he actually gets locked out of if Groot has been called recently. Rocket has a few good normals, but for the most part they lose to anyone with full sized limbs who isn’t desperately slow. His solo damage is mediocre, so he really needs a partner to do work.

All that isn’t to downplay him, I think he’s a fantastic point/support. But it takes a good team and a talented player to consistently conceal his flaws.


I think rocket has the potential to be among the strongest in the game.

Lay traps -> space surge you into traps -> ridiculous high-low mixups while you’re stuck blocking the traps. Anyone that can leave hitboxes/obstacles out so rocket can set up shop is strong with him.

He might fall a bit in the tier list once people start figuring out which moves are good for removing his traps though since they disappear on hit, but for now he seems really strong.


Was it SonicFox that won? I’m sure Fox can place high with alot of teams, because he’s that skilled.
I mean, Juri is not on anyone’s high tier list, despite having won a tournament that had 3 Rashids in top 8.


Damn I have to start paying attention to Sonic Fox. Sounds like he plays all the characters I play and he’s from Delaware too LOL! My spirit furry.


Racoon is definitely top tier when both characters are alive.