MvCI Meta and Tier Discussion


Racoon is a pretty manageable problem when he doesn’t have a partner behind him that can loop his conversions into set play though. It’s the Rocket/Jedah tag team and Sonicfox’s natural talent together that make that so nasty.

Rocket himself is good at getting conversions off of the garbage he puts on the screen, and his sweep is a nasty slide he can make safe on block with a cancel to the right mine.

Rocket’s mines disappear when he’s hit though (except the HC one), and he can only have one of each type on the screen at a time. His ability to convert his hits goes WAY down once his lightning mine is just sitting on the screen somewhere, and Rocket gets far less scary if you get him away from mines on the screen (Space surge for example).

Rocket only anti airs at about a 45 degree angle, so once you get above the angle where Groot can hit you Rocket has to worry. His air to air game is below average. His zoning game pretty much straight loses to any beam he can’t duck. His only move with any start-up invincibility is his level 3, which he actually gets locked out of if Groot has been called recently. Rocket has a few good normals, but for the most part they lose to anyone with full sized limbs who isn’t desperately slow. His solo damage is mediocre, so he really needs a partner to do work.

All that isn’t to downplay him, I think he’s a fantastic point/support. But it takes a good team and a talented player to consistently conceal his flaws.


I think rocket has the potential to be among the strongest in the game.

Lay traps -> space surge you into traps -> ridiculous high-low mixups while you’re stuck blocking the traps. Anyone that can leave hitboxes/obstacles out so rocket can set up shop is strong with him.

He might fall a bit in the tier list once people start figuring out which moves are good for removing his traps though since they disappear on hit, but for now he seems really strong.


Was it SonicFox that won? I’m sure Fox can place high with alot of teams, because he’s that skilled.
I mean, Juri is not on anyone’s high tier list, despite having won a tournament that had 3 Rashids in top 8.


Damn I have to start paying attention to Sonic Fox. Sounds like he plays all the characters I play and he’s from Delaware too LOL! My spirit furry.


Racoon is definitely top tier when both characters are alive.


I’m destined to play Jedah I’m just trying not to be a cool kid right now (aka a scrub)
aka coon is on top tier teams in the current meta. I’d agree with that. After playing more I know it’s mainly my lack of training but I could convert off a lot of the shit I’m forcing people into especially with space stone. It’s still early though.

So, I’m starting to freak out and DJ’s prediction is coming true. People are really starting to reflect shit on reaction. Here I am trying to do the same shit and taking reality stone to the face. It’s just pushblock right?


Yea just a push block. Not gonna lie most players I play against are much better at reflecting than i am.


I’ve been perfecting my wall cling firebrand balls, not that they’re as effective as MVC3 but dude was reflecting them back at me online like he was throwing fireballs. Might have been hax, but it only lasted for a second. The mechanics have me beside myself still. I’m starting to see the neutral switch opportunities though and my fingers are responding. Soon I’ll journey to NLBC and embarrass myself.


Airdash pressure (aka derpdash from now on) is starting to really piss me off. That and teleports.

I don’t remember having this much trouble with derpdash or teleports in any other game. The game feels way to rushdown heavy, like I’m pushblocking derpdashes and I’m still being put into blockstun from said derpdashes. Feels lucky to get out of the derpdash especially when cornered. The only good thing is that I’m pretty decent at blocking the high/low, but it doesn’t matter because I eventually get opened up when I miss a pushblock or press a button that gets hit.

The offense in this game feels like anathema.


Push block reflect is pretty easy. Just make sure you actually block the hit before you press anything.


Who do you play?


Strider is extremely good in this game. That is all.


It was somewhat sarcastic obviously, but Coon is starting to create the assist support I realized for this game. Basically certain characters even if they aren’t top tier on point are going to have assists that are top tier for another character. The tag system lets yout abuse any characters entire moves list in neutral.

Juri proves that she’s better than Fang at least. She’s had overall better results than him and has a good toolset. She’s just not as cheap as some of the higher tiers and only one player actually optimizes her play style (who doesn’t go to tournaments)


Right now ironman/Arthur


You’d probably have to run reality stone with that team to stop the all out airdashing. Without repulsor blast, you don’t have a strong hitbox above your head


oh serious? so you block then push it back? HA! Here I am hitting it with my face. Okay got it.


Whose that Gentleman thief? Very VF of him.

Yeah offense in this game is OD almost makes me think that it had a producer from the RSD generation that played Spencer.


Yeah I’ve been running reality stone with this team for that reason. Just need to get better at using it I guess.

I find it pretty shitty that the only real defensive option in the game outside storm activation is a 9 frame startup non invincible move that forces you to switch synergies if you want to use it well.


There are still a couple chars I haven’t fought against Frank, Spencer and Chris. I have no Idea what to expect. Frank looks pretty good at lvl 5 but chris and spencer I don’t even have an opinion about


Time stone keepaway is a real thing. Cancelling whiffed normals into it is so OD to abuse and so effective if you condition your opponent. Still trying to figure out guard cancel punishes with it but I think this might work in THEORY:

Counter switch, see your opponent commit, activate storm into 100 percent.

Playing Jedah X Ultron I’m really enjoying their general movement plus time stone. It makes them even harder to pin down. And when you get their zoning patterns correct IE, covering the right angles, they’re such a strong pairing. Jedah HP Fireball plus Ultron drones and beam is so very annoying to deal with. And their box dash normals are kinda OD.