MvCI Meta and Tier Discussion


Decided to experiment a little. Time surge and space surge x axis interactions, space surge will either cancel time surge or propel it depending on when space is used. Conclusion? I think space surge > time surge.


What am I missing about Gamora/Zero? It seems like an obviously good team but you don’t see any pro players using it.

I think I’m still lost on good team comp in this game because it seems much more fluid than the last two games due to the lack of assists, tag actually being safe, and the stones.


Team composition is a bit easier in some ways. Marvel 3 kinda forced team composition because not everyone had a safe on block super, not everyone could OTG into full combo and not everyone had the meta defining beam/projectile assist. Plus things like needing to pick from characters that could TAC or ToD reliably and were derpy in XF etc.

Now every character can make Iron Man’s supers safe by just tagging, when before in Marvel 2 or 3 you had to pair him with someone else that had a safe super or else he couldn’t function properly.

It’s easier to make a team in this game than in the 3v3 Marvels, but there’s still the best stuff to make a team around. Such as characters that have strong pressure, invincible specials or supers and picking them with space or soul stones as those are still the best stones post patch. The other stones are trying to play catch up to them, but they require more tech and building a team around. Space and Soul are already ridiculous just by adding most characters to them, then get more ridiculous when you build tech around them.

Gamora and Zero are really good because, it’s Gamora and Zero. It’s kinda like the team I use Morrigan/Gamora with Time where the two characters don’t necessarily super support one another, but they’re pretty good at playing self sufficiently and Gamora’s guns generically prepare good lockdown for Morrigan to rush in and land a hit. I mainly play them because I like time stone and they both have oppressive projectile stuff with their activation supers and time storm. They compliment each other pretty well in the storm.

Nemo last I saw him was using Nova/Gamora which I also think is a pretty strong team where both characters compliment each other pretty well. Both characters are decent in the air while having a strong tools for tagging opponents that are staying in the air too long. Both have somewhat invincible supers and both can help lock down for each other well. I use them as my side team with mind stone since they both have strong supers and can slip in surge grabs when people block too long.


That’s pretty much what I was thinking. Just seemed odd that you don’t see any pros using the team but, for instance, you see Rayray playing Ultron/Gamora which seems kinda similar in terms of synergy


Yeah it just takes time for certain teams to develop more into a meta. There are enough characters/teams that have proven to be strong enough where people are just gonna do what works for them for now. Like Zero/Dante is already good enough so there’s no specific reason to use Zero/Gamora other than if you like Gamora better or there’s certain matchups you feel Gamora does better in than Dante.


This reminds me of the work Joo and Magnetro did later in Marvel 2’s life more specifically with y-boost, except in this case it’s x-boost. I’m going to experiment more with this as it works with specials as well, it’s nothing ground breaking just fun behaviour but it will be interesting to see if the same principles apply, and you can manipulate the dummy’s x-axis momentum through your own movements of the properties of other abilities.


Quick update on my tier list.

Dead last: Black Panther.

Just salty, played against a Sigma and Black Panther could do nothing but hold them shoulders. I tried the pushblock punish, stubby assed normals.
I thought I was playing Rocket Raccoon.


I think Power BP is the way to go. Just fly around the screen and press buttons into surge or just hit surge and 50/50 people all day into easy conversions.

I was watching Cloud’s stream and found out that Winter Solider’s grenades work like Rolento’s knives. You can just hit them and they disappear. So between that and reflecting them you got plenty of options to deal with it.

He also said that he thinks it’s funny that Coon went under the radar for the nerfs. Says he doesn’t think his trap super should last as long as it does or being able to attack it should eventually remove it. He also says it’s cheap that he can have 2 traps and groot out at the same time. Interesting to hear any way.


What’s up guys? First time poster. I decided to get in on this unblockable fun before it’s removed and came up with a nice backstab setup for jedah. With a clean cross up and 2 bars to start you get a dead character.

I feel like a lot of characters should be able to set up something similar. As long as they’ve got good overheads from hyper hops they’re likely to have jump loops after cross ups. Something to play around with before/if this gets fixed.


That combo was OD.


Yet he’s not top 3. Stop crying Cloud. Dante player with 1000 moves ha! Pop the trap son. Although I bitch about Dante, Zero and the like I’m still more pro buff. Nerfing characters into the ground you can have them lose their identity but rarely will a buff be frowned upon as long as it doesn’t make them to OP.


That’s both awesome and dumb, Coon trap into death. The dev team specifically wanted no unblockables so I say get rid of this shit.


Looks a lot like my Venom/Coon unblockable. Had my first hate message on Steam doing it too.
Basically use Venom trap with Coon jump over and repeat until dead. I can work the other way too.


How do you do it with Venom? They always air recover. Do you have to hit pretty early in the trap, like it happens with crumpled opponents?


@WorstPlayer I just watched FilthieRich replay and he’s using Power WS/BP.


I see a guy who gets opened up by slow overheads. Happens, but nice to see someone putting in time
on such an ass on paper character.


Yeah I just wanted to know if you were doing those bnbs with BP or had something better.

Plus he’s using Power BP which I definitely think is his best stone.


My BnB’s are super basic and net similar damage, leading to up arrows with MH to continue in a similar fashion. I actually play the team with Time or Mind Stone.


I need to figure out how to optimize Time Storm better.

EDIT: Wrong thread


Alright guys, still trying to get Jedah to broken status. Dash canceled drills are just too much fun.