MvCI Meta and Tier Discussion


Holy Shit there is a lot of blogging going on here.

You all remember the time in where UMVC3 was like 4 months old and then I came in here and suggest Morrigan as a possible top tier due to her having some interesting fly tactics that Sentinel had and then all of you were like “NO NO… DO YOU EVEN OWN THIS GAME, THAT IS DUMB!!”… months later you guys were going off about Top 5’s and had viper on them then i returned the Morrigan debate again, this time saying that she has some great chemistry with Doom’s missiles? I then ranked her over your Wesker and Viper for top 5 and also inserted Vergil, in where i was attacked and put down again because “if played this game i would know of that Viper has options and Morrigan doesn’t”.


Apparently I remember better than you do.


Go further after that. Watch it get renewed.


Decent list.

Some observations.

Dormammu is too high. He belongs in the Gamora row. Switch him with Jedah.

Morrigan is too high. She is Mid. Switch her spot with Monster Hunter.

Megaman X, Sigma, Thanos, Venom and Capt. Marvel are too low.

Capt. America is too low. He is Mid and a good one.

And agreed with the bottom 4.

The only character in this game that plain sucks is Black Panther.

Hulk, Ryu and Frank West have some uses.

Black Panther is just ass.

Good list even with the discrepancies.


Been gone a bit. Here’s a gif of what I was talking about earlier in regard to Time VS Space.

Also, as a side note, why aren’t we seeing more stone whiffs to build meter? I’ve been messing around with Ultron/Dorm/Mind and its kinda funny. As Ultron one rep of sj, ADU, stone, 214LK, stone, flight, stone, stone, 214LK, AD wherever builds like 10% storm. Drones cover your feet a bit or you can just AD~LP for a quick getaway. As Dorm you can do a similar sequence by replacing drones with a spell charge with the added benefit of teleports to the ground as a safety net. His ADU after sj also puts him ridiculously high past the normal screen barrier. Works with pretty much any stone really, time is great for staying slippery and power is great for covering yourself if they get too antsy with teleports or whatever. Using mind just means I can throw out a ball for the chance to build more storm if I want to without worrying about wasting bar.

I dunno I feel like runaway in general still needs a lot more exploration.

Anyways here’s my newest video for Jedah storm setups. So far my top 3 characters in time storm are Chun, Nova, and Jedah (in that order.)


Yeah I’ll look at some of this when I start playing Jedah/BW. They obviously will do great in space and BW especially has some good shit in time so that will be my first team that I can use with multiple stones. I’m sure especially if they’re both alive you can do a lot of shenanigans with them with the faster tag recovery in time story.


Man i love monster hunter and thanos with time stone
they have armor moves to plow through stuff. while they have decent overheads to mix you up with they become a left right mixup team legit.
im noob though


I have been wondering the same thing. I have been whiffing air Mind stones in rank lately and have used the storm 2-4 times a match. Time to time, people just super jump right into the surge and I get to build even more stone meter. I think further along the line that Mind stone will be used in meta just to secure time out victories.
Thank you coinjam, without your post I would never tried out applying stone whiffs in the neutral. Trying out some more of the your Time Vs Space Tech.


I’m kind of sold on Morrigan being fucking amazing in this game, just a different kind of amazing.
After getting beat by a guy who seemed to play like a joke shadow blading everywhere I went into
the lab to see what could be done about it without a lockdown special or super to stop the bitch.
I couldn’t interrupt her practically at all, with Monster Hunter or Firebrand. It was so funny I just
had to stop playing for the night. I was also surprised to see that even light shadow blade beats
all normal armor options like what?


If you do your 4f jab W/firebrand after blocking a shadow blade it should beat if they try pressing buttons. Lol light shadow blade beats space surge I am so happy.


I honestly feel like ghost rider is low tier in this game. People were hype on him at first but tbh his only real great attributes are his hypers.

As a GR main I find myself playing my secondary and third teams more or switching GR out in general. With certain stones he becomes ok but there isn’t much reason to use him.


If shadow blade is the only reason that you think that Morrigan is amazing in this game, then Chun Li would be even better. Not only do tenshos do what shadow blade does, with the added bonus of her kick super being a better follow up than missiles, but Chun’s rushdown and pressure are so much better than Morri’s.


Chun is hilariously unused in this game considering she was already slept on in Marvel 3 and this is basically a better game for her. Her teammates can use her better now that you can just press tag and turn everything she does into a lockdown assist and her ADF pressure is super nutty now with the stomp and all. Morrigan is kinda like Chun, but more emphasis on long ranged and zoning while Chun doesn’t give you quite the long range game, but even more oppressive lockdown and mix up while still having invincible supers and a really fast projectile ball super so she can just get out of shit that you’re trying to put her in (and turn it into her mix up).

Luckily since Ryan LV is using her its only a matter of time before everyone sees how stupid Chun is and everyone knows that Morrigan is good. The people who said Morrigan wouldn’t be good because no flight cancels and hidden missiles are pretty wrong now. Which I definitely predicted before the game even launched. Air dash H and shadow blade are easily near the strongest air tools in the game and if she gets near you on the grond air dash/ground dash H is pretty much an auto overhead/50 50 cross. She can’t air to air convert quite as dumb as some other characters, but you can always do something random into j.HK knockdown then tag in partner (which is how most people convert in this game any way). Fuck learning anime air to air shit.

Yeah, the shadow blades are strong though for similar reasons as tensho. They tear through light armor so Hulk, Nemesis, Captain Marvel etc. cant just swing at her all day with most of their move set. You have to pick her apart from a range or catch her whiffing one with a precise whiff punish.


Good for me I think Chun li is amazing, but real talk I find blocking stupid morrigan shit harder and honestly, I tested Chun Lis fucking kicks and I had a harder time interrupting
Morrigan. 4 frame jab or not the BEST I could do generally was trade and this was offline. Then again I always go into my range game when fighting Chun Li as sometimes that all
scrub Chun Lis do all the way cross the screen. I’m used to the bullshit with MonHun with Chun Li though. FireBrand really shouldn’t beat her though imo. My point is…

Why can everybody else do Ryu shit when Ryu can’t do Ryu shit?


Because Ryu is shit.


I do not know if anyone has post this yet, but if you put your opponent in a freeze state and try to go for a tick grab with Mind surge your opponent will not be given the dizzy state. Instead they will go into the flying state as if it has been hit with a stone surge twice in a combo. Just another reason for Mind stone being a bad stone.


It makes sense since you can already set up standing resets off freeze states. Doing a mind tick grab after a freeze is redundant. They both cause similar stun states that can be shaken out of so they just share properties to keep repeated stuns from happening over again.


I find it amazing that despite everything Zero has he always seems to have a hard
time dominating the early tourney meta. Starting to think that Zero forces such conservative
play in his opponents they’re less likely to do hasty shit and instead focus on Zero fucking up.
In essence he makes a good player play better simply because he knows he can’t push buttons
against zero most of the time.

Raccoon and Space seems to not be going anywhere soon. I’m still skeptical to call Rocket Raccoon
top 5, but a team with Rocket Raccoon on it with the right partner (say Jedah) can easily be a top 5 team. The rise of Jedah isn’t surprising, but again this is a Space stone thing mainly, him and RR get probably the most mileage out of it with others like fire brand and even Strange not being far behind. Still overall there’s a lot of variety which is typical this early in the meta; however, considering the fast proliferation of information due to social media it’s still pretty impressive that so many characters are in the top 5’s. I take that this is partially due to the way damage scaling works and the tag system, if you play the tag system properly and can block most of the built in ambigous shit you can compete as long as your character isn’t complete trash. Why? Because you most likely will be able to make someone block some shit which is the reason why characters that make you block the most shit are running things often. Make’em block some shit and run your mixup.

I remember in other Marvels blocking is a bad idea, it still is, but because of absolutely forced block situations being able to block is an absolutely necessary skill set here. Between the less flexible mobility, lack of chicken block, return of full screen proximity guard, tag system and shitty pushblock it is what it is. Still not sure how much I like that reality , but I’m still liking the game, too much even now that I’m resolving some of my weaknesses. Once you have some bullshit of your own the game really starts to shine.

Maybe streaming a tournie this week. Y’all can see my ass comentating, I’ll holler.


New take.

Top Tier/S: Zero, Dante, Nova, Jedah Dohma, Strider Hiryu, Rocket Raccoon, Ultron, Firebrand, Monster Hunter, Gamora

High Tier/A: Spiderman, Capt. Marvel, Chun-Li, Megaman X, Dormammu, Capt. America, Black Widow, Bucky, Thanos, Thor, Dr. Strange

Mid Tier/B: Morrigan Aensland, Hawkeye, Sigma, Venom, Mike Haggar, Nathan Spencer, Ghost Rider, Nemesis, Ironman, Arthur, Chris Redfield

Lower Mid/B-: Hulk, Ryu, Frank West

Low Tier/C: Black Panther


Why did Sigma go from top tier to middle tier? Which is interesting because top tiers have become more honest since you put him in top.