MvCI Meta and Tier Discussion


Sigma can control the ground pretty well with his range and rifts but he has a huge hole above him that can only really be covered with the Reality Gem. The Rift and his Counter can only do so much effective AA.

Also, he doesn’t have a good way to deal against air campers. Once peeps get wise to Sigma and decide to play safe and approach him accordingly, his options are limited.

Sigma wants to fight at ground level. There he dominates with his superior range, space control, nuke super and punishing game but super jump spacing gives him problems.

Compare him to someone like Thanos, were foes can’t camp at super jump height because of teleports and Thanos also, while slow, has the better more balanced tool set to deal with all kinds of foes and approaches being a big body. Sigma can’t do that as well.

Don’t get me wrong. Sigma is competitive and a great punish type of character but I was definitely wrong about his earlier placing and this was was more evident for me when using Soul Storms with him among other situations.


I’m more interested in why you write out certain characters full names and others you just say fuck it.


Heavy Reflect Magnum is a passable answer to air campers that don’t have a fast response to it.
Not saying it’s great, and it’s definitely not better than a teleport, but Sigma does have something for that situation.


Most of the Sigmas that I fight never use his magnum bullet special thing. Usually forget that he has it. It’s just shoulder charge and arc divide all day.

He’s a support character though so you’re better off placing him with someone that can control up back.


I mean, shoulder charge is obviously his most abusable move, and most of the time that’s enough.
But if the opponent is playing keep away (and doesn’t have a TP) I’ll throw out few Arc Divides and then just start shooting finger missiles at them.

I wish his counter and command grab didn’t have so much recovery or I’d use them more often, too.


What do you guys think of Spencer? I tried him out yesterday and really liked what I saw. Coach Steve has some crazy shit with him. I really like his dash too, feels similar to caps. Definitely gonna rock him for awhile.


Shoulder charge might as well be boss character as long as he has a partner to tag out of. Shit even then, there’s way too much
effort needed to punich it correctly if it’s not done on the ground. I get in on that fucker and just maul him ASAP. Makes me wish I played
Soul Stone sometimes lol

In other news it’s pretty interesting what MH plows through with her Air H that seems like would beat it. I guess if it isn’t a nomal it will
just keep on going. I really have to find better SJ conversions with her though.

What happened to the monkey anyway? He hasn’t been throwing much poo lately.


Out of curiosity, why is Black Widow places so high? I feel like if a character has flight options they should at least be high tier at least.


Depends on how good their flight mode is and how well they can take advantage of it.


Idk about all of these tier lists that put firebrand in S anymore. I think he is a phenomenal character but nobody plays him.


Firebrand is good, but arguably the best firebrand out there Apologyman seems to mainly rely on Jedah to make things happen.
Imo, he needs a partner to make his IOH worthwhile, his flight isn’t as good as other flight characters, Luminous body does not
make things safe anymore, and other flight characters have better buttons. Throw in the fact that he has no invincible buttons
and you have an honest gargoyle.

He’s in the same situation as prepatch Ultron who I think is actually better than firebrand.


Pre-patch Ultron was definitely better than Firebrand, even with Tornado shenanigans.
Post-patch I’d put them pretty close, but probably still Ultron ahead by a bit.


Yeah while Ultron got nerfed a bit so diid Brands Tornados. He’s a character with enough tools that you have to respect him but he does not have any crossup/auto
ambigous/screen filling BS that comes with being a top tier. I get away with murder against most because they don’t know how vulnerable firebrand is after some of
the shit I do.


I think Ghost Rider has upside.

Interesting character in this engine.


Ghost Rider has the range to just throw shit out and grounded opponents have to deal with it. His problem is that he can’t control airspace for shit, meaning a lot of higher mobility types can just waltz around him until they land a hit.

You can run him as a solid support, but your point has to have options against the things Ghost Rider can’t handle.


Yeah Ghost Rider is a character you run on support. His whip super creates some dumb mix ups for like 1 meter. It’s basically a ghetto THC.

Just of course ultimately what will steer everyone away from playing Ghost Rider is that if he’s by himself you’re much worse off than other supports like Sigma, Strange, Winter Solider or Monster Hunter who can very much fight for themselves better.


True, he has real strengths versus certain characters time stone increases his viability a lot. (I actually think Ghost Rider is pretty good against say FireBrand for example.
The thing is in a tournament situation who wants to be stuck with Ghost Rider and Time Stone against teams that rock his world?


Alright guys I’ve been gone for a bit(went to Disney world, it was magical) so I haven’t had any time to record and edit videos but I do have the need to dump some tech. I’ll probably do some videos of this stuff but for now I just need to get it written down, you know? I guess I’ll just break it down by characters and overall mechanics…

Chun Li- Where are the players abusing standing resets with this character? It’s ridiculous. She has meaty high/low mixups and left/right mixups after establishing advantage after literally any normal on an opponent with feet on the ground. All you have to do is connect, say, ultrons 236LP or winter soldiers 236LK on a standing opponent and they’re in reset city. Obviously there’s escape options but I feel like chun players aren’t even considering it. Also, this is why I think she’s currently the best character during time storm:
This is obviously much slower than optimal execution because those 5HP’s should be invisible for proper kara legs. But any normal>5HP~236LK(1)>dash>normal should be pushblock proof and a true block string. Her pressure game is just too oppressive during time storm so you’ll need to have a good handle on autoblocking. Which brings me to the next one.

Autoblock- what the hell? This stuff has been around since the first month of the game and no one seems to have really mastered it yet. Using Chun Li’s jc pressure as an example, one pushblock pattern covers most of her potential options.
This should be mandatory.

Winter soldier- I just bought this dude and started training him up yesterday. He’s already my favorite character, maybe in any fighting game. You can double dash out of arm shield without crouch canceling, it’s weird and I want to inspect that more. Jump canceled arm shield is serious stuff. A quick up flick will cancel the shield and still leave you standing without actually activating the jump. 282LP~LK gives you stationary, shielded pistol shots canceled into itself. You can tk stuff out of it too. This means jc stone surge works out of shield which gives you some preeeetty nice options. But you know I’m gonna use time stone so here’s what I know so far. At 50% storm, any bullet that connects should convert to at least 8k damage.
This also works around 3/4 screen from a j.236LK>dash~5HK>236LP>storm for crouching opponents. His pressure game is so-so in time storm. Overhead during shield will combo into itself when first hit canceled and negate pushblock but loses hard to perfect pushblock. Of course you can dash cancel into a plinked normal but it’s still not a true block string. I dunno I still gotta see if the jc properties of shield can be abused during storm.

Plinking dashes- I hear a lot of people upset that plink dashes aren’t in the game anymore but you should still be plinking into and out of dashes. Plinking out of dashes gives some characters(like striders 5HP and 2LK, winter soldiers 5HK) ridiculously long range, as well as sliding command normals. Plinking into dashes abuses proximity guard properties by using the first few frames of a heavy normal before it’s canceled into dash to activate the opponents guard if they happen to be holding back. This can eat inputs and severely limit backdash distance. You can even crouch cancel early with characters that have high startup dash frames for stationary guard checks. This should also be mandatory.

Strider- I’m 100% convinced Strider/Time is a hard counter to raccoon/space. This is important because pretty much every tournament winning team is based around that shell. I’ve already posted that gif against Jedah/space but any grounded time surge will automatically activate raccoon traps as you pass through them. Time not only escapes bad situations but can deny them as well. Strider/Time specifically is the best at shutting down raccoon because panther>cancel trades with traps, satellite completely eats both traps in one launch while also retaining durability to hit raccoon, and orbs+time surge means you just don’t have to give a fuck. Throw in vajra~tag and it’s a nightmare.

Ultron- this dude was hyped up as a magneto function but I actually think he’s more of a storm. Plinking LP out of air dash makes him one of the most mobile characters in the game. This means putting him at super jump height with an extra air dash up into flight makes him verrrry slippery. His LK drone covers his feet pretty well which lets him whiff surge to build storm for little risk. 3 up dashes using the LP plink let’s him bust through the upper ceiling for added safety. Each whiffed surge is 1% storm but if you’re doing 3-4 surges every time it adds up. Plus with characters like winter soldier who can do 8k off a single bullet at 50% storm, that shits valuable.

Anyways that’s all I’ve got for now. I don’t know that many characters so I’d love to hear more about others.

Winter soldier/Strider/Time is my new team.


Niiiiice, btw, saw something really wierd, but may be a PC hack. Another Monster Hunter charged for her swing, it chimed, she didn’t swing and he continued moving around in hyper armor mode for a couple of moves. (He was glowing and shit still)

Maybe a random glitch but it had me all WTF gimme some of that!


Do you think it could have been a visual glitch due to delay? I really wish they would give us a trial period for dlc characters. Monster hunter is one of those I’d rather try before I buy.